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Carey Mulligan Is The Favourite To Play Hillary Clinton – Are We Ready For 'Care-Lary'?

You loved her in An Education, got a bit freaked out by her performance in Shame, and thought she was one of the better things in Great Gatsby, but how will Carey Mulligan fare taking on the role of one of the most iconic political figures from the last 50 years?

Nope, Carey’s not taken on the lead role in Totes Amazeballs – The Sam Cam Story, but she is the current favourite to play Hillary Clinton in the forthcoming film Rodham! (exclamation mark our own) that will focus on the early life of the Hilster.

She’s pipped other actresses namely Jessica Chastain, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone to become THE favourite to play the former Secretary of State.

To which Emma Stone presumably responded with a...

But who else would be good to take on the role?

1) Claire Danes

Pretty much no one does *serious acting face* like CD. The way she flips between emotional states in Homeland is from The Streep School Of Really Good Acting. We think she’d be great charting Hillary’s journey from Yale Law School to Democratic circus. Do you think the film could be re-named My So-Called Political Life if she got the part?

2) Elisabeth Moss

On Mad Men Elisabeth proves how great she is at playing a character who battles with everyday sexism, Peggy Olson, which puts her in great stead to play Hillary, who we imagine has fought innumerable similar battles ascending Washington’s political ladder.

3) Greta Gerwig

Mumblecore queen Greta brings an independent, raw humanity to the screen in every role she takes on (even clunkers like Arthur). Could she give La Clinton the mix of vulnerability and singular thinking she needed for the part? We think she could.   


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