Who Killed Danny Latimer? Our Top 5 Possible Killers

22 April 2013 by

Right now, just 29 people know who killed Danny Latimer in Broadchurch. 29! Before you ask, we are not one of the 29. But these two below are...

Hiya guys!

If you’re not familiar with the ITV drama which airs on Monday nights, let me get you up to speed:

1. it has eight-parts, the last of which is in A FEW HOURS' TIME.

2. it's set in the westcountry - in and around West Bay. Which is a town IRL.

3. it begins with the 'murder' of Danny Latimer and continues with the ongoing labyrinthine whodunnit plot in which virtually every single cast member is accused of his murder. Even children and priests.

4. the theme tune is really bad.

5. Fittingly everyone bar none has a dodgy westcountry accent. Oh except for David Tenant who thankfully stays Scottish presumably because it fits his moody and wronged misanthropic vibe. Even Olivia Coleman's character - DS 'Always So Sad' Miller - has a pop. To be fair hers isn't bad, but it’s series like this which remind you why they rarely set things in Dorset and Devon. No cuss intended (I’m from Somerset) but the accent is really hard to nail. Anyway I digress.

The reason Broadchurch has been such runaway success for ITV, whipping 7million of us into various hypothetical states of frenzy every single episode, is because we truly have no idea who did it. Or rather, whodunnit. Nor in fact did the cast until they filmed it. Which is why Ladbrokes and William Hill have waded into the gambling fold.
Here’s are their top 5 best bets and why we think it could be them what done it. Or not.

 WHO Joe Miller, Detective Miller's husband

ODDS 4/6

CHANCES ARE? He seems nice and chatty which obviously screams sociopath. He also got pally with DI Alec (Tenant) over some wine and if he’s capable of duping Mr Paranoia then he’s capable of anything.


WHO Tom Miller

ODDS 3/1

CHANCES ARE? Tom was caught bashing up a hard drive in a wood, a hard drive which presumably contained compromising evidence which could implicate him in the murder of Danny Miller. Presumably Snapchat hasn’t made it to Dorset. Still, it's unlikely he could have got away with it thus far, given he's a child and they're AN ENTIRE POLICE FORCE OF ADULTS.


WHO Reverend Coates

ODDS 6/1

CHANCES ARE? He used to be an alcoholic, so presumably forgot that he pushed Danny off a cliff. Tenuous? Or not? Hey, happens to the best of us.


WHO Detective Inspector Hardy

ODDS 20/1

CHANCES ARE? Up until last week, when we learned what really happened with his last case, we would have been forgiven for assuming that he had set up the entire Danny case to allow him to right the wrongs of yore. But then, like we said, last week happened, so nope. Not him. Although he might die anyway and at least that would even things out.


WHO DS Ellie Miller

ODDS 14/1 and 16/1

CHANCES ARE? Oh please.

So that's that. But who do you think did it? No idea? Nor do we!





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