What Is Your Biggest So-Pas? Vote For The Most Irritating Social Media Habit

28 November 2013 by

We all have a friend who posts things online that just aren't cool - statuses describing their WILD weekend with the lads, hourly updates on their essay word count and anything followed with this emoticon - :p. But what is it that makes you want to press the unfriend button? Well we now have an idea about what makes you lose followers thanks to a survey which has asked the Great British public what makes them wish an unlike button existed.

The worst thing on the world wide web isn't bikini shots or 'snogging' selfies like you might think, but comments about religion. This is followed by rants about an irritating boyfriend or PDA shots - this isn't so surprising. Other unpopular topics include shopping hauls, pictures of children and gym updates. We would have thought that pictures of cocktails on the beach and 'hot dogs or legs' selfies would be the most irritating, but it turns out you like looking at other people's holiday snaps as this is named as the least offensive topic.

Take a look through the gallery above to see the most irritating things on social media from Diffusion UK's Social-ology Study which questioned over 2,000 Brits about what they hate on social media. So do you agree with the results? Let us know what you think in the poll below...



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