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It’s The End Of Breaking Bad: Here's What Krysten Ritter Has Taught Us (Inevitable Spoilers!)

Unless you’ve been living under a house shaped rock in an electrical blackout over the weekend, you will know that the finale of Breaking Bad has aired. While we think about following Giles Coren’s lead and switching off Twitter to anything avoid spoiler-y, we came across this piece written by Krysten Ritter for New York magazine. Krysten, you'll remember played Jane Margolis on the show, and her untimely death by choking led to the undoing of Walt and Jesse in the show.

Here are the 5 things we learned from her article..

1)  She Didn’t Realize Her Death Would Prove So Pivotal


“I remember thinking it was pretty fucked up that Walt would just let a young girl me for all intents and purposes- die in front of him, but I certainly didn’t realize that it would be such a pivotal moment for the show and for Walter White," she said. "That decision was the turning point and there was no going back.”

2) She Almost Died When, Err, Pretending To Die

…Well almost. "I was in an upper body cast to protect me from Aaron (Paul) pounding on my chest. The thing was pinching me, I couldn’t get a full breath of air, and I had this incredible actor on top of me losing his shit. I think at one point I said, ‘Aaron, I love you, but you can’t hit me this hard!’"

3) It Still Makes Her Emosh

"Even now, years later, I get a lump in my throat when I think about it - but it’s hard to know whether that comes from my experiences as Jane, my time as an actress on set, or my emotional reaction as a huge fan of the show," she says.

4) She’s Still ‘Team Walt’

"I watch Breaking Bad on Sunday nights like everyone else and feel pretty strongly that every episode should be served with about a pound of Xanax. You’d think I’d bear Walt some serious ill will considering he sat there and watched Jane die but I’m still rooting for everything to work out for the guy."

5)  Like Us, She’s Wondering What To Do In A Post Breaking Bad World


"I will miss my Breaking Bad-induced stress and emotional turmoil, and I‘ll feel sad when the final scene fades out. Seriously: What the heck will I do with my Sunday night?! Book club, anybody?"

What are YOU going to do without Breaking Bad? Let us know below...


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