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Breaking Bad: 5 Things We’ve Learned From The New Episode (Massive SPOILER ALERT, Obvs)

With a bucket full of fried chicken and whilst wearing a Heisenberg hat (at a jaunty angle) we sat down to watch the first of the final eight episode arc of Breaking Bad. Here’s the five (spoiler-y) things we’ve learnt.

1) We Know How It All Ends

…or do we? The first episode opens with what seems like a flash forward to the very end of the show. We find Walt alone in a sparse, run-down flat with only a line of graffiti (‘HEISENBERG’) for company. As he steps outside we realise that it wasn’t an empty apartment after all but actually the White family home. Which begs the question; what the hell happened? A face-off that resulted in everyone being killed apart from Walt? A police search which stripped the house of all possessions? Or did Walt fake his own death? Watch this space!

2) Hank And Walt Finally Have A Face Off

When Hank found Walt’s copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves Of Grass gifted to him from Gale (with the inscription “other favourite W.W.” inside) it was only a matter of time before he realised that Walt was Heisenberg. As Hank nears the end of his investigation he makes this final link in his logic chain and his reaction (a massive panic attack that Marie thinks might be a heart attack) is shocking enough, but there's worse to come. When they both realize the accusations being flung around, Hank punches Walt before he gives his brother-in-law a serious warning. “If you don’t know who I am," he says "then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.”

3) Walt’s Cancer Is Back

As Walt runs from dinner with Skylar and Junior to be sick in the bathroom we're hit by a horrible sense of deja-vu- that his cancer is back.

4) Jesse Is Spiralling Down

Although no longer a Meth producer, Jesse has been hit hard by the fall out and is spiralling out of control. Jesse attempts to give away his drug money (sort of succeeding after Saul can't- or won't - redistribute it). In the whole episode Jesse seems disconnected (he doesn’t even listen to Badger and Skinny Pete’s fan-fic Star Trek conversation) and it feels like he's teetering dangerously on the edge of oblivion.

5) Skyler Gets Nasty

The scene where Skyler confronts Lydia about the previous business association with her husband feels like a new era for the once beleaguered wife and mother. She seems bad-ass and even a little Heisenberg-esque. Will this new Skyler be the Skyler who isn't afraid of getting her nasty on?

The Final Season of Breaking Bad is available on Netflix UK from August 12th. Seasons 1-5 are available on Blu-ray, DVD and Netflix UK now.



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Sheila B Law (Tue Aug 13 14:18:23 BST 2013): Wow breaking bad never dissappoints we watched first one last night FANTASTIC!