Beyonce Went Bungee Jumping And Took Pictures: Here's The 5 Other Oddest Things From Her Instagram Account

20 October 2013 by

beyonce instagram bungee jumping

Rather you than us Bey! This weekend the star, who's on the New Zealand leg of her Mrs. Carter World Tour, took some time out from her busy schedule to perform not one, but TWO daring bungee jumps from Auckland's Sky Tower. 

According to the Herald On Sunday, after performing her two freefall jumps from the daring height of 1076 ft, the singer 'disappeared as quickly as she arrived.' 

Although the whole thing was kept very hush hush, Bey was kind enough to post photo evidence to her Instagram account of the event and we have to say, the platform from which she jumped looked very very high. Perhaps a little too high for our lilly-livered constitutions, heights are not our thing. Here's 5 other mad things Beyonce's posted to her Instagram account. 

1. The Time She Proved She Can Do A Perfect Handstand

And made our attempts look a little bit crap, if we're totally honest. 

beyonce handstand instagram

2. The Time She Commandeered A Taxi In New York

What have you done with the driver Bey?

beyonce instagram taxi

3. The Time She Stole A Child's Bike And Wheelied Off Into The Sunset

Like taking candy from a baby. Literally.

beyonce bike instagram

4. The Time She Pinched A Massive Truck And Did Her 'I'm A Real Life Labourer' Pose

We're sensing a theme with the whole nicking modes of transport thing.

beyonce truck instagram

5. The Time She Posted A Really Deep Message To Instagram

That no-one, bar no-one understood. 



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