Beyonce Goes Blonde For The Mrs. Carter Show Poster: Here's 5 Things To Expect From Her Tour

06 March 2013 by

beyonce world tour mrs carter photo

Ooh that Beyonce, she' loves to play games doesn't she? After the release of the first promo picture for the Mrs. Carter tour, we were all ready to dig out our corsets and invest in an ill-advised perm a la Bey's French Renaissance look. Now however, she's gone and released an official tour poster that features her looking a million miles away from Marie Antoinette. Hot pants, bombshell blonde and a hint of pin-up girl; we're definitely feeling it. Here's 5 (highly scientific) predictions about what to expect from the Mrs. Carter tour based on the new poster.

1. Beyonce Will Probably Wear More LeotardsBeyonce Single Ladies Gif

She loves a good leotard, our Bey. To be honest, if we had her figure we'd probably have a wardrobe of only leotards. It would certainly make our morning commute to work  more interesting. Judging from the tour poster - and her Superbowl performance, motherhood doesn't mean Beyonce will be putting those pins away any time soon. Long live the leotard!

2. Schizophrenic Bey

Remember when Beyonce did a David Bowie and created an alter ego named Sasha Fierce? That was a bit, erm, odd wasn't it? We thought she'd shown her multiple personalities the back door, but this new poster suggests otherwise; showing not one but FOUR DIFFERENT BEYS. Brace yourself for a new girlband - comprised entirely of... Beyonce.

3. Everything Will Be Pepsi Themed

The red, white and blue, the familiar-looking logo in the bottom right hand corner... We can't help thinking Pepsi might have a little something to do with sponsoring the Mrs. Carter tour. Does this mean the venues won't serve Diet Coke? Will she appear on stage from inside a Pepsi can accompanied by a spurt of brown fizzy liquid? She's definitely done weirder things in her time.

4. Pin-Up Girl Bey

She's already channelled the 1950's in her video of Why Don't You Love Me but does the blonde bombshell hairdo, roll-neck and coquettish pose she's rocking on the new tour poster mean she might be thinking of styling herself that way again? We certainly hope so.

5. She Will Probably (Certainly) Dance Her Booty Off

Those hotpants were made for one thing and one thing only: booty shaking. If one thing's certain it's this: she is going to spend the tour throwing shapes like nobody's business. Sadly, we won't be joining in, we're still trying to master the Single Ladies dance without looking like a drunken uncle on the wrong side of midnight at a family wedding. Some things are best left to the professionals.


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