Betty White Does Our Favourite Wrecking Ball Spoof So Far. Here's Our 7 Other Favourites

22 October 2013 by

Hooray for Betty White! In a time when the whole world's gone mad, the ex-Golden Girls star has weighed in on the whole Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball thing and won the hearts of the whole entire internet.

In a new promo for her show Off Their Rockers, Betty says she took promotional ideas from, "recent pop culture," that "really got the kids talking," before being shown swinging on a giant wrecking ball clad in a fetching white tracksuit and asking for a sledgehammer. Betty is 91 guys, NINETY ONE. She's old enough to remember World War II, the Great Depression, prohibition, the moon landing, the Cold War and she's still cool enough to spoof a 20-year-old. Kind of puts Miley-gate in persepctive, no?

Here's 7 other spoofs of Wrecking Ball that nailed it.

1. This Kitten

Who doesn't really understand what's going on at all.

2. Vine User Frank McDonald

Who proved that minimal effort makes maximum lols.

3. This Hedgehog

Whose self-assuredness has sky-rocketed since purchasing her sexy new tank top.

4. Greg James

Who probably took a long hard look in the mirror after this episode.

5. Vine User Justin Dionsio

Who longed for Miley to return to a more innocent time. #StaystrongJustin.

6. Vine User Paul Bennett And The Students Of Grand Valley State University In Michigan

Who were the reason the university faculty removed this pendulum after too many students tried to recreate the seminal moment from Wrecking Ball. We salute you brave students.

7. And Vine User Jared Stradling

Whose Vine means we'll never be able to sleep easy again.



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