Baby Mugging Is The New Instagram Trend - And 13 Other Bizarre Internet Crazes

29 May 2013 by

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Oh internet you do spoil us so - another day, another bizarre craze. Last week it was cat bearding, this week it's baby mugging. Started (as far as we can tell) by the clever mums over at [a target="_blank" href="">BabyCentre[/a], baby mugging involves sticking a mug in front of your baby and photographing it so it looks like it's IN the mug. Clever eh?

Baby mugging's only the latest in a loooong line of crazy internet memes to blight our consciousness, so from planking to lion kinging, Grazia's put together a definitive list of the top 13 Instagram trends the internet has given us, whether we wanted them or not.

1. Cat Bearding

Already last week's news, cat bearding involves getting hold of a cat, placing it's mouth in front of yours and taking a selfie. Now it looks like your mouth's a cat mouth. Lol.

2. Batmanning

Exactly what you thought it would be.

3. Dear Photograph-ing

One of our favourites this, the Dear Photograph blog involves taking a photograph from yonder years and holding it up in the exact place it was taken in contemporary times.

Check out Dear Photograph [a target="_blank" href="">here[/a].

4. Lion Kinging

Who needs the king of the jungle and a magic monkey when you've got a house cat and a ceiling light?

5. Panty Hosing

Know what would look great of Fido? Tights. Thousands of these shots made their way over to us from China. Animal cruelty or fierce fashion? You decide.

6. Planking

The original, and still as stupid as it was the day it was created. People have DIED from doing this yeah? It's over.

7. Pottering

As in Harry Potter. It all makes sense now.

8. Sleeve Face-ing

The hipsters' meme.

Find more over at [a target="_blank" href="">Sleeveface[/a].

9. Owling

What happened when people got bored of planking. Equally as stupid.

10. Vadering

Pretty much the same as pottering - minus the broom, plus Darth Vader.

11. Milking

Bit of a waste that.

12. Stuff On My Dog-ing

Less an internet-wide craze, more the madcap adventures of a single dog - with stuff on his head. That's pretty much it actually.

More Stuff On My Dog's Head [a target="_blank" href="">here[/a].

13. Cat Breading

One of the more inexplicable internet movements, but certainly the most amusing.


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