As How I Met Your Mother Comes To A Tragic End, We Look Back At 5 AMAZING Series Finales

01 April 2014 by

Following the hugely exciting news that Greta Gerwig is to star in a spin-off of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother (called How I Met Your Dad, obviously) the original show came to a tragic end last night.

Warning: If you’re watching the show in the UK (which is several weeks behind) and don’t want to know about what happens until it airs in the UK (we’re several weeks behind), then skip these next paragraphs.

The last episode of the show – which is in its ninth and final series – aired in the US yesterday, and featured the divorce of Robin and Barney, the death of Ted's wife and THE mother of his children and a potential new relationship between.. you guessed it... Robin and Tend.

The mystery woman had already been revealed in the show as a member of the wedding band, played by Cristin Millioti (who also plays Jordan Belfort’s first wife in The Wolf of Wall Street, fact fans).

To take our minds off the heartbreak, here are five of our favourite series finales.

1.Gossip Girl

With cameos from Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson, a wedding and the long awaited revelation of who Gossip Girl actually was, this show definitely went out with a bang.

2. Friends

The Last One. Otherwise known as the one where Rachel GOT OFF THE PLANE. And the one where they all started crying and we did too.

3. Sex and the City

Big gets Carrie from Paris! Charlotte gets a baby! Samantha gets laid! Big is actually called John! And more amazingness. If only they'd left it there.

4. The Office

There was a perfect end to this perfect show when - after two series of flirting - Dawn and Tim finally got together. To the soundtrack of Yazoo. Amazing.

5. The OC

So in real life, Seth has gone and messed with our heads by marrying Blair from Gossip Girl - but he'll always belong to Summer in our hearts. In the final episode of The OC, they got married. Seth 'n' Summer 4 Eva.



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