Claire Danes Bags A Golden Globe 2013 Nomination For Homeland! We Have 10 Questions For The Actress

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As Claire Danes Bags A Golden Globe Nomination For Homeland, We Have 10 Questions For The Actress

Claire Danes with husband Hugh Dancy

The Golden Globe nominations 2013 have been announced and Claire Danes is amongst the nominees who could win awards. She's up for Best Drama Actress for her role in Homeland so what better time than now to ask the questions you need to ask to truly get to know someone...

1. Who are you closest to?

Claire Danes: My husband Hugh Dancy which I’d say is probably good news! He definitely trumps everyone else, although I’m pretty close to my parents Carla and Christopher. I also have a best friend who I’ve known since I was nine and she’s got a lot on me. I haven’t been spending so much time with Hugh lately because we’ve been in so many different places with work but he is the person I tell absolutely everything to. I trust him more than anyone else.

2. What’s your earliest memory?

Claire Danes: I have two very early memories. Both were before I could even speak. The first was being held by a friend of my parents’ when I was an infant and they obviously weren’t that familiar with holding babies. They were holding me in a very uncomfortable, awkward way and I remember thinking that it was very frustrating because I couldn’t communicate with them to say how I wanted to be held. I also remember trying to communicate with my mum around the same time and I was trying all sorts of methods of trying to get my message across and she was just as frustrated as I was because she didn’t understand me. And I remember thinking that this was a drag and that things would be a lot more efficient when I could talk. I felt very trapped by the limitations of being a young person.

3. What’s your biggest fear?

Claire Danes: On a petty level I am absolutely terrified of rats. It’s a paralysing fear. I grew up in downtown New York City where there were a lot of them. I’ve always been reassured by the fact that my big burly brother, Asa, is even more afraid of them than I am. I am also afraid of losing my mind, I really value my sanity. I think being in prison would be very scary, as well as killing somebody unintentionally or even intentionally. That would be pretty bad and maybe something to avoid.

4. Relaxation is…

Claire Danes: Well, it’s certainly not killing someone. My favourite thing to do is to be with the people I love, eat delicious food, have a glass of wine and take a walk. That’s really it for me. Eat, talk, walk, drink and be.

5. What are you best at?

Claire Danes: I can get a dance party started pretty much anywhere and anytime and I am quite proud of that. I’m shameless and I’m motivated in this cause. I love to dance. My favourite songs to get everyone dancing to are anything by Missy Elliott, Jay-Z or Beyonce. I love Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind too. But these days I’m not on form because I’m pregnant so I’m not doing much dancing.

As Claire Danes Bags A Golden Globe Nomination For Homeland, We Have 10 Questions For The Actress

Claire and Damian Lewis have both received nominations


6. What do you value in a friend?

Claire Danes: I travel so much and my work is so consuming that I really value a friend who can understand that and is patient. I also need humour, loyalty and enthusiasm. In return I make sure that I let them know that I love, care and think about them even though I’m not in their lives on a daily basis.

7. Tell us something that will shock us?

Claire Danes: I spend a lot of my life making puns. I’m a great abuser of this. It’s an impulsive thing and very annoying [for my friends]. But I can’t help it, I pun way too liberally and I don’t edit them. I pun about everything and on a daily basis.

8. Describe the last time you remember feeling really happy?

Claire Danes: A couple of weeks ago I went on a date night with Hugh in New York who I hadn’t seen in a long time because of work. We went out to a restaurant and I had a big bowl of pasta. I was a little overwhelmed with joy to be with my guy, eating lots of carbs. It was heaven.

9. What’s your greatest regret?

Claire Danes: In an ideal world it would have been nice to have graduated from Yale University and to get the certificate. But in the end I didn’t really need to go further than I did [she dropped out of her Psychology degree after two years] because my acting career took off and I moved on. There are also a lot of shoes that I probably did not need to buy. We have to fall down and mess up to move forward though.

10. What’s the one thing you’d change about you or your life?

Claire Danes: I am very, very hard on myself. I’m not being obnoxious, I am just excessively self-critical. It has served me well in a lot of ways but I think I rely way too heavily on it. I think it’s not all that efficient and there are better ways to be creative and productive. You should just accept and be happy with yourself.

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