Beyoncé’s Behind-The-Scenes Super Bowl Snaps Have Got Us Very Excited

30 January 2013 by

Beyonce rehersing for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming, the Super Bowl is coming, the Super Bowl is coming! Now, let’s not even pretend we’re excited the sports part (there’s an NFL championship game) of this annual event because we’re not. In fact we’re not 100% sure we even know how America football works.

What we’re really looking forward to is that when half time is called none other than BEYONCE will be performing! Scream, squeal, dance hysterically, etc. Following on from Madonna’s amazing show last year our favourite booty-shaking singer is going to be strutting her stuff in front of the whole world on Sunday night. And it seems she’s just about as ‘hyped up’ about it as we are.

Over the past few days Beyoncé has been posting a lots of exciting behind the scenes photographs on her Tumblr of herself and her dancers in rehearsals for the massive performance. She even included an official promo shot in which she looks fabulous in a football style uniform.

Whilst nothing will be revealed until the night itself there have been a myriad of exciting rumours about what Bey’s performance could include. Here’s the top 5 things we really hope will happen…

Beyonce rehersing for the Super Bowl

1. Destiny’s Child might reunite

More screaming, more squealing, more dancing hysterically, etc. Rumours have been rife that Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland might join Beyoncé on stage ever since the three ladies recorded their new track ‘Nuclear’ last month. Can you imagine how amazing that would be?

2. Gwyneth Paltrow will be spotted bopping in the crowd

When Jay-Z performed with Chris Martin on New Years Eve Gwyneth was up there on stage dancing along. So enthusiastic was she that we wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d grabbed the mic and done a bit of freestyle herself. We can only hope she takes her dancing skills along to support Beyonce too.

3. Beyonce will booty shake so hard she falls over

Look you laugh but you have to be careful with these things. Last year Madonna got so excited that she slipped whilst performing so we only hope that this has served as a warning for Bey. Bum pads at the ready everyone…

4. Beyonce will SING LIVE

We’re still pretty miffed about this whole inauguration situation. Did Beyonce sing live? Did she not? All we know is that she better had this weekend or there may be some crying on our behalf.

5. Jay-Z will make an appearance

We love Beyonce and Jay-Z, they are one of our favourite celebrity couples of all time. Therefore we’d absolutely love it if he came on stage with her at some point. Maybe in a matching outfit. They have done several songs together so it would be rude of them not to really.

Beyonce and dancers rehearsing for the Super Bowl

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