Alex Turner Gets Flirty With Susannah Reid. Here's 5 Other Interviews That Turned Frisky

12 September 2013 by

It was cringe-o-rama times yesterday morning as BBC Breakfast presenter Susannah Reid took the opportunity for a little flirt during her interview with Arctic Monkey's frontman Alex Turner.

Susannah, playing coquettishly with her hair, asked Alex if he would appear on Strictly Come Dancing because people bet, "That he looks good on the dancfloor," to which the cheeky scamp replied, "Of course... I should have been the one that said you look good on the dance floor." The giggling Susannah then shot back, "Except that I’m not sure that would be accurate. I look a bit of a mess on the dance floor." To which Alex replied, "I doubt that."

Wowee! Steady on guys - this only went out at 8:54 AM - FAR too early for that naughty sort of rapport. Nevermind eh, Susannah's not the first presenter to engage in a spot of flirting with her interviewee and we doubt she'll be the last. Here's 5 more interviews that went from professional to flirty.

1. Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence

Blimey, and we though Susannah Reid was forward for a breakfast show. Paula Yates, presenter of The Big Breakfast and late mother of Peaches and Pixie made full use of her infamous 'on the bed' interviews when she met future partner Michael Hutchence. Linking her legs flirtatiously through his, the pair giggled their way through the interview with Paula waxing lyrical about Michael, "Such a fantastic guest I can't even describe it to you... This is a guest who has tackle troubling trousers... This is a guest that has everything a rock star needs to have, danger, talent, curly hair and Australian subtlety. And for the first time, this is a guest that I want to have my leg over." There's an innuendo in there somewhere.

2. Katy Perry And 'Fitzy'

In case you're not familiar with his work, 'Fitzy' is an Australian radio DJ who likes tight t-shirts. Evidentally from his interview with Katy Perry - so does she. "I noticed your police shirt and how it barely fits 'cos you're so blooming." When Fitzy mentions that he got it when he was a teenager, Katy nods appreciatively, "And now you've turned into a man with muscles." Gross.

3. Miranda Kerr, Bruno Mars

"I'm hot," Purred Miranda Kerr at Bruno Mars ahead of the Victoria's Sectret Fashion Show. "Maybe it's just 'cos you walked in the room." Ick.

4. Unknown Interviewer Macks On Hugh Jackman

Our new favourite lady of the day is this Spanish speaking presenter who used her interview with Hugh Jackman as an opportunity to cop a feel of the actor's sizable muscles. "It's very big," she says of one arm, "Can I touch the other one?" She then sits on Hugh's lap and sings a West Side Story before KISSING HIM ON THE ACTUAL MOUTH and asking him to continue the interview with her in a cupboard. 

5. Caroline Flack and James Arthur

"Will you be going out celebrating tonight?" Caroline asked James, "Only if you're coming," The Middlesborough teen growled. Wonder what happened there? Oh yeah, this.



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