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Relive Tina Fey’s Top 5 Comedy Moments In Tribute To Her New Film 'Admission'

Whee! Tina Fey’s hitting the big screen again, teaming up with the always high-larious Paul Rudd in Admission. Ms Fey’s provided us with many, many lols over the years and frankly it’s pretty hard to pick just a few, but we’re going to give it a go!

1) When She Teamed Up With Amy Poehler To Present The Golden Globes

We’re pretty much always disappointed when celebrities present award shows, but Tina and Amy provided an exception to the rule. Delivered in the style of ‘your sassy aunt and her drunk friend’ it was perfectly judged and filled with frankly amazing gags about James Franco, Anne Hathaway and Taylor Swift. All of Hollywood looked a bit scared.

2) When She Did Sarah Palin

Tina returned to her old stomping ground of Saturday Night Live to take on the role of Sarah Palin in a hilarious series of parodies. The first of which was her almost word-for-word replay of the so-called 'hockey mom''s infamous interview with Katie Couric in which she revealed a scary lack of political knowledge (i.e pure comedy gold).

3) Liz Lemon's Love Of Food

We could go on and on and on about Liz Lemon’s best comedy moments (which we do, frequently when we're drunk) but we think Liz's love of food or more specifically terrible, Kryptonite-esque junk food provided us with the highest proportion of chuckles. Her one liners about various pizzas, grizzly hot dogs, something called 'Mozzarella sticks', 'night cheese' and looooots of sandwiches were classic. Liz, we miss you (and your strange, beige food).

4) When She Wrote And Starred In Mean Girls

Oh Mean Girls, we can't count the ways we love you. Tina not only wrote but starred in this teen classic, starring as the recently divorced Maths teacher Ms.Norbury (basically a younger, slightly more tragic Liz Lemon) her role was small but provided a good trial run for LL in 30 Rock.

5) When She Went Bijou

This fake, advert for phone sex line Bijou (from a 30 Rock flashback) was hilarious from its cheap production values to "sexy" (i.e not sexy at all) eating and premium rate number that ends with ‘Ok-Face’.



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