10 Men We Find Sexier Than Adam Levine (Who's Been Voted Sexiest Man Alive)

20 November 2013 by

Adam Levine People's Sexiest Man Alive

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It's official: Adam Levine is the Sexiest Man Alive. Or so says People magazine. Grazia HQ, on the other hand, is not convinced. Yes, Mr Levine is a handsome chap with an impressive quiff and nice brows, plus he has the powers to bag a Victoria's Secret Angel (or two), but there's just something about him that's rather, well, annoying. This is the man, don't you forget, who said he only practices yoga 'because the classes are always packed with beautiful women'. Ugh.

To be fair, we've never met the Maroon 5 frontman in person and sexiness is in the eye of the beholder, or something, so we won't hold it against you, People. We have, however, come up with our own list of men who we personally find more worthy of the honour of Sexiest Man Alive. It's also given us an excuse to create the impossibly hot gallery below so do treat yourselves! And let us know who gets your sexy man vote...

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1. Alexander Skarsgard

Aside from the obvious man mountain assets (THAT. BODY) he ticks all my Viking-Scandi man fantasies. Yes there is about a foot and half height difference between us, but I feel this is something I could cope with. I love that he went to uni in Leeds, I love that he is a vampire called Eric and I love that Kate Bosworth was his last girlfriend. He’s clearly an Anglophile sex god with good taste in women. How could I not swoon at his feet?

[a target="_blank" href="/author/katherineormerod">- Katherine Ormerod, Senior Fashion News & Features Editor[/a]

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2. Ryan Gosling

Brains, brawn, a penchant for arty, intelligent films as well as mainstream comedy and he adorably takes his dog everywhere with him. The sort of fella your parents would approve of. And did we discuss the body? As Emma Stone so aptly puts it when he takes his shirt off in Crazy Stupid Love; ‘F**K! It’s like you’ve been photo-shopped!’

[a target="_blank" href="/author/jessicavince">- Jessica Vince, Web Editor[/a]

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3. Alex Turner

Scarily hot, multi talented (sings/plays guitar/writes amazing lyrics) AND cool. He not only pulled Alexa but is now with one of the hottest girls on the planet, Arielle Vandenberg. He has nailed the art of being cool whilst being all British and self deprecating. What's not to like?!

- Anna Dewhurst, News Picture Editor

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4. Lenny Kravitz

Eternally cool, defies the ageing process, pulls off a nose ring and other tricky man accessories with aplomb AND he's genuinely a rockstar of the old school variety where being super talented and awesome without any effort is key. I don't know him personally (shame) but I would imagine he's a modest but amazing guy. And a really fit one at that. If only I could be as much of a babe as Lisa Bonet...

[a target="_blank" href="/author/hannahalmassi">- Hannah Almassi, Fashion Editor[/a]

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5. Russell Brand


[a target="_blank" href="/author/zoebeaty">- Zoe Beaty, Features Writer[/a]

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6. Eddie Redmayne

The mouth. The bone structure. The sassy wardrobe. Three undeniable reasons why Eddie is the hottest piece alive, plus no one wears a slim fit suit quite like Eddie.

[a target="_blank" href="/author/joshnewissmith">- Josh Newis-Smith, Fashion Assistant[/a]

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7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Only because he’s mega talented. He also dies in most of his films which makes him an extra tragic (read: lustworthy) chap. Also, he only dates blondes, so I’m in there….right?

[a target="_blank" href="/author/jesscommons">- Jess Commons, News Assistant[/a]

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8. Bradley Cooper

I’ll forever love Bradders. There’s just something about those eyes. And that smile…

[a target="_blank" href="/author/TorCardona">- Tor Cardona, Beauty and Web Co-Ordinator[/a]

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9. David Bowie

David Bowie was the first poster I ever owned. I was seven so while the word ‘sexy’ wasn’t running through my mind as I blue tac’d his face to my wall, I was in awe of him. I can’t really explain what it was – maybe the androgyny, maybe the clothes (anything leather or by Kansai Yamamoto) or maybe the music. There’s just something otherworldly about him which translates into sexy. And given this is the sexiest man alive, and he’s been sexy for several decades, feel free to view this as a tribute to his longevity.

[a target="_blank" href="/author/morwennaferrier">- Morwenna Ferrier, Features Editor[/a]

10. Channing Tatum

The reason why Channing Tatum is the sexiest man alive can be summed up in two words: Magic Mike. He has the best abs in Hollywood – fact.

[a target="_blank" href="/author/emmaspedding">- Emma Spedding, Web Writer[/a]


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