Hannah Horvath In The Garden Of Eden?! Lena Dunham Spoofs 'Girls' On Saturday Night Live

09 March 2014 by

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Last night Lena Dunham hosted Saturday Night Live for the very first time - for those of you who aren't up on SNL, this is a BIG deal. There was a cameo from Jon Hamm and Liam Neeson, she gave Scandal the Lena Dunham treatment and did an impresison of Liza Minnelli. But it's the trailer for the prequel to Girls which was the most tweeted of all. A voiceover says: 'Before there were Girls, there was the first Girl,' as Hannah and her boyfriend Adam do the Garden of Eden. Shoshanna also makes an appearance as a legit snake.

Stand out quotes include: 'The only part that didn't ring true was when Eve did molly and went to a warehouse party with her gay ex boyfriend.' Plus we love it when during the fall out of eating the apple Hannah says: 'Can you please not apple shame me now? I know I committed original sin, but at least it's original. I think I need some credit for that - at least a publishing deal?' There is a hell of a lot of nudity, as this Eve doesn't conform to society's demands to wear a leaf.

Want more? Here are our pick of the best 5 Girls spoofs...

1. Girls - Season 38

This skit fast forwards to a 65-year-old Hannah still wearing shorter-than-short jumpsuits (now with visible spanx poking out the bottom) and Marnie as a modern day Miss Haversham waiting for Charlie to get back with her. Hannah is still busy being the 'voice of her generation,' while going to warehouse parties in Bushwick.

2. Boys

Hey, it's not just 20-something girls who have to deal with first-world problems on a daily basis. Take this guy for instance, "I just like, want to be a filmmaker, but I feel like my talents are being limited because I get in fights with my friends sometimes." We hear ya.

3. Cats

Cats doing Girls is one of the best spoofs of all time. With lines like 'this is a cat eat cat world' and 'my ex-boyfriend is Instagram famous' what's not to love?

4. Bros

If you're blissfully unaware, 'bros' are sort of the US version of our 'lads'. *Shudders*

5. Robots

Here we have a deranged robot Hannah on a drunken rampage through Bushwick, desparate for $1100 a month so she can upgrade her failing operating system. Along the way Hannah makes out with microwaves and attempting to be the voice of the robot renaissance.


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