Absolutely Fabulous Best Moments

07 January 2014

Ab Fab is headed for the big screen, darling! Our favourite alcoholics, Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon are back! Creator and star of Ab Fab, Jennifer Saunders, has confirmed that there is going to be an Absolutely Fabulous film. Saunders has claimed that she is feeling the pressure and is “really nervous” about the film, she added, “Once you’ve had a bit of success, the last thing you want to do is go and make a flop” and her “biggest fear is that it wont be good enough”.
Well we are absolutely excited. It’s going to be fabulous darling!

Here are some clips from the show to give us a taste of what to expect...


1. A selection of Ab Fab best bits

Here is an edited selection of the funniest and best bits from Absolutely Fabulous. 

2. Patsy runs the shop

"Get out before I call the police". Patsy is running the shop and isn't too fond of the customers until she realises that British actress and singer-songwriter, Minnie Driver has just entered.

3. Is it a hat?

Something comes back to haunt Eddie and it lands on Patsy's head.

4. Patsy's Passport

"When was this photo taken?"

5. It's a Danish joke

Eddie is picking up a new language after watching 'the killing', she doesn't need subtitles...

6. Is it a bee?...

Eddie and Patsy are paranoid about a mysterious buzzing sound.

7. Patsy breaks her arm

Patsy breaks her arm while giving Eddie a massage and refuses to go to hospital.

8. Turn off the lights, darling

Eddie doesn't ask for much...

9. The forbidden fruit

10. Book Club

"I'm a skimmer".

11. Fire in the kitchen

Patsy nods off and makes the kitchen catch fire.

12. A terrible tan

Eddie goes for a spray tan. "keep turning, kebab woman".

13. Sexy bits and pieces

Eddie notices Patsy's panty line but she isn't actually wearing any pants...

14. How to have a baby

Heavily pregnant Saffron gets a distrubing lesson on 'how to have a baby'

15. The Kardashian Syndrome

"There is a new disease called 'The Kardashians' darling!"

Hattie Williams


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