Beyonce Poses In The Shower And 12 More Bonkers Photos From Her Tumblr

27 February 2013 by

beyonce shower

While we love Beyonce here at Grazia, we can't help thinking Mrs. Carter might have gone a little bonkers on the old Tumblr front as of late. Her latest offering? Pulling a duck face in the shower, fully clothed with perky pair of different coloured trainers. While we appreciate the luxurious tiling, the in-shower seat and a distinct lack of crap beauty product clutter ala our own shower, we can't help thinking it's an odd place to plan an impromptu photoshoot for her (probably) 11 billion followers. However, after a bit of digging we can reveal this isn't the first time Queen Bey has posted daft piccies of herself on her site, so we decided to collect together the best of the popstar's barmy offerings from the IAm.Beyonce Tumblr. Beyonce, we salute your madness.

1. Beyonce In A Cave Wondering What Creature Is Locked Behind The Flimsy Looking Door

Beyonce Cave

2. Beyonce In A Snorkel And Scuba Mask (A Study In Black And White)

beyonce snorkel mask

3. Beyonce As Spiderman

beyonce spiderman

4. Beyonce In Navajo Wellies And A Onesie Sitting In A Giant Hand Next To An Abandoned Boxcar In The Desert

beyonce train

5. Beyonce Sipping A Brewski On Abandoned Train Tracks Wearing Entirely Inappropriate Footwear

beyonce train tracks

7. Beyonce As A Playboy Bunny With An Identity Crisis

beyonce bunny ears

8. Beyonce In A Crap Warehouse Lift, Angry At The Slow Service Provided By Said Lift

beyonce lift

9. Beyonce Listening To The Sea At (Presumably) REALLY LOUD VOLUME In A Giant Seashell Made Of Other Seashells

beyonce shell

10. Beyonce Preventing America's Children From Making Their Way To School

beyonce school bus

11. Beyonce Playing Fast And Loose With The Law That Requires A Pilot License. Who Run The World? (Bey)

beyonce pilot plane

12. Beyonce Trying Out The Latest In JCB Innovation

beyonce truck hard hat



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