Orange Is The New Black, Series 2 Is Here! Here's 9 Things You Didn't Know About The Prison Drama

04 June 2014 by

The wait is nearly over. The second series of Orange Is The New Black dropped entirety on Netflix today. That’s our weekend pretty much sorted, then. To keep you going until you get home to your laptop, here's a few nuggets of information you might not know about the show...

1. Jodie Foster directed an episode

Yes, Jodie Foster, star of Silence of the Lambs and The Accused. She got on board in the first series to direct the third episode, and has also directed the opening episode in the new series.

2. Sophia’s character is played by twins

Like the character she plays, actress Laverne Cox has also made the transition from a man to a woman. When the show flashes back to Sophia’s life when she was still a man –in the episode directed by Jodie Foster – the character is actually played by someone else, Cox’s real life twin. Her brother, M Lamar, landed the part despite not being an actor. Cox wanted to play the role herself but it was ruled out. "Jodie Foster didn't think I looked masculine enough to play a guy," Cox said.

3. Jenji Kohan likes a sneaky pop culture reference

During a flashback to when Piper and Larry first met, she walks in on him watching TV at a mutual friends' apartment. What’s on the box? Only creator Jenji Kohan’s previous show, Weeds. In another episode, Larry also mentions a “webcam horror” – a sly reference to Jason Biggs’ infamous scene in American Pie.

4. Mendez has Hollywood connections

Prison warden “Pornstache” Mendez is played by Pablo Schreiber, step brother to Hollywood director Liev Schrieber aka Naomi Watt’s husband.

5. Crazy Eyes doesn’t look so crazy in real life

In fact, Uzo Aduba looks pretty damn smokin'.

6. Larry really did write a piece about his wife being in prison

In the first season, Larry writes a piece for the New York Times’ Modern Love column about what it is like when your wife is in prison. This actually happened in real-life, too (the show is based on a real life memoir by Piper Kermam), and you can read it here.

7. Red was in Star Trek

Actress Kate Mulgrew, who plays the fearsome Russian redhead appeared in Star Trek: Voyager as Captain Kathryn Janeway. Here she is…

8. The theme tune is by Regina Spektor

Regina wrote the song “You’ve Got Time” especially for the show, after Jenji Kohan approached her about it. "I feel really, really glad because it's such a great show and such a cool look – obviously a fantastical look – but a really great look at the whole prison system and the interaction and the human connection between the people in that environment," she has said.

9. Taylor Schilling is a cross between Jared Leto & Katy Perry

Don’t believe us? Look at the evidence.

Watch the trailer for the new series below...




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