8 People Who Play By Their Own Rules On Instagram

25 January 2013 by

You know Instagram? The photo-sharing app that's full of the cute cats, the delicious looking meals and the pictures of pigeon-toed feet right? Yeah you do. Recently however, Grazia's been noticing a few Instagram photos that don't quite seem to fit in with the trends we're all used to. In amongst the sunsets and the shots from airplane windows and the pictures of hearts in coffee foam, we've noticed a worrying new trend of people posting new things, different things, things that no amount of filter can make look cool. Be careful guys, the backlash has begun, and the age of the selfie is in decline. Here's 8 Instagram users playing by their own rules.

Pet Cats - So Last Year

This picture's all about the pet goat. He's not that furry and he has a tendancy to spit, but once this guy starts posing? Totes adorbs.

goat instagram

Burgers? Please...

That's a super tasty-looking slider you've got there, all nice and juicy with the maple bacon hanging out the side, but check out this Tesco Value noodle pot. Hot, tasty and at 11p, a total bargain.

tesco value noodles

Foam Art? More Like Lame Art

Craftily cultivating a tea stain until the mug's well and truly tarnished for eternity? That's a real skill.

mug stain

Blister Times Is The New Feet On A Beach

A cut price pair of flip flops and the ensuing injuries they bring is the real sign of LOLiday.

flip flop blister feet

Car Windshields Are The New Plane Windows

Sayonara sunny skies above Barbados, hello rainy landscape whizzing past on the A46 outside of Grimsby.

car raining

Today I'm Wearing...

...A Nacho Libre mask. Because I can.

nacho libre masks

iPhone Picures Are Yesterday's News

You know what's cool? No phone pictures. Just as well if you've got the Nokia 3310. You do have Snake though.

3310 concert

Manicure Mondays? Over

Gnawing at your nails and wearing a dodgy layer of cut price nail polish? It's got S/S13 all over it.

bad manicure



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