7 Things We've Learnt About The Saturdays Reality Show

23 January 2013 by

Today, we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Chasing the Saturdays which lands on E! next Sunday (3 Feb) at 10pm. It follows Mollie, Frankie, Vanessa, Una and Rochelle as they try to go where few UK girl bands have successfully gone before and attempt to crack America. The fly-on-the-wall documentary lifts the lid on the incredible bonds of friendship keeping the girls together as they face one of their toughest challenges yet. Here’s what we learnt…

1. Celebrities need proper passport photos too

When applying for their visas to be allowed to work in the USA, headshots of the girls from the cover of their hit 30 Days were submitted. They don’t exactly tick the boxes about not smiling or having hair covering your face. In fact, they’re pretty much naked! Needless to say, the passport office was not impressed and new shots had to be taken before they were allowed in.

2. When heading to LA, it’s important to blend in

We know the residents of California are used to warmer weather and as such have tanned skin to complement their pearly whites. This is especially important if you’re in show business. So in preparation for their arrival, we think the Saturdays may have had a sneaky spray tan. Or ten. They are so uber bronzed in fact, we were hardly able to concentrate on anything other than the colour of their skin for at least the first five minutes. Don’t even get us started on the lashes…

3. Girl band members get jealous of each other

Well maybe not of each other but of their stuff. When the girls arrive in the US, they’re each given an apartment within a complex in downtown LA.  But everyone wants Vanessa’s Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City style walk-in wardrobe. Frankie wants Mollie’s L-shaped sofa. And Una? Una would just like to sleep in a room away from her Mum’s snoring (Una’s Mum is on hand to help look after baby Aoife).

4. It’s important to have friends in high places

Cracking America is a big deal to any UK band and the girls are only too aware of the pressure to succeed where few others have done before. Unless you’re Adele or One Direction, or as the girls point out ‘our good friends The Wanted’. It certainly doesn’t hurt to milk those connections. One of the Saturdays’ biggest fans Stateside is Perez Hilton, who asked the girls to perform at his post-VMA’s party shortly after they arrived.

5. Pop stars have down days too

All the girls admit to suffering from homesickness. For recently married Una and Rochelle, time spent away from their new husbands is tough so they make sure to keep in touch regularly through Skype. Frankie finds the relocation particularly tough giving a very honest account of the depression with which she’s suffered since the age of 15 and her hospitalisation to get it under control.

6. Mollie is still single

Poor old Mollie. While the rest of her band mates are coupled up in serious relationships, she’s yet to meet a man of her own to settle down with. (We’ll admit it, following David Gandy is a little intimidating for most guys). Her fellow Saturdays have tried to fix her up but to no avail. Mollie thinks this is because they pick guys that they fancy rather than choosing her type which she describes as nice and preppy. We doubt very much that she’ll be short of offers…

7. Celebrities get star-struck too

When in residence in Hollywood, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll bump into the odd celeb or two. Even if you are one. The Saturdays were rendered completely speechless when J-Lo sashayed past them on the street. What exactly was it about her that had them transfixed? ‘Her bum’, they all cry. Gawping they were too. Naughty.

Chasing the Saturdays airs on Sunday 3 February at 10pm on E!


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