Lena Dunham Has Released A Teaser Trailer For Girls: Series 3! What Do We Know?

22 November 2013 by

This January, sees the return of Girls series 3. We know this because the entire world has ‘Girls is back. ZOMG – remember to buy Sky package’ written in their diaries under the entry for 12th January. We also know this because of the release of Lena Dunham’s brand new teaser trailer on Instagram, which has understandably sent the Twitterspehere into a frenzy this morning.
It’s only about 11 seconds long and as revealing as a teaser can be in 11 seconds. I.e. not very. Still, using those 11 seconds and various interviews, we’ve gleaned a pretty rough but accurate seven point list of series 3 events. Enjoy (and don’t get cross if it turns out they’re largely untrue).
1. Hannah is still Hannah. Rude, curt, funny, a bit crap to her friends. You know, standard Hannah.

2. Hannah is also in therapy. Possibly with Richard E Grant as her therapist. Poor sod.

3. Jessa is being Jessa. She's living each day with enviable unpredictability, excellent lipstick while also manifesting an Ikea philosophy approach to life in general.

4. Ray is running Ray’s. Still. Except Ray’s now does pizza as well as coffee.

5. Marnie is working at Ray’s, leaving her predictably sad. Possibly because Charlie has definitely left. But possibly because ‘sad’ has become her default setting.

6. Shoshanna is getting laid. On and off. ‘And experimenting with some new eye make-up’.

7. Hannah and Adam are in a relationship. Again. It won’t last. Or will it? Who knows. Let’s not hypothesise too much because 2014 is but weeks away…

Watch it for yourselves below...



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