Drifters, The Female Inbetweeners, Is Coming: The 5 Things You Need To Know

23 November 2012 by

Is Jessica Knappett (above left) the new Lena Dunham?

You know how Girls – Lena Dunham’s HBO show following the travails of four New York twentysomethings (above)  – was just about the biggest thing on TV this year? And how it spawned a book by Lena Dunham, won a slew of awards, and basically changed the way old people look at young people ergo the face of modern television?

Well, huge news British twentysomethings, because we’re getting our very own version: Drifters.

Good name but (I hear you ask) what’s it about? According to E4: ‘Drifters is a comedy drama about three twenty-something young women experiencing their first slice of the real world post University - making terrible decisions, but having a brilliant time doing it’. So sort of Girls, except set in leeds Sadly we have to release date yet, but we do have some information which we’ll happily share with you:

5 things you didn’t know about Drifters

1. It stars Jessica Knappett, Lydia Rose Bewley and Lauren O'Rourke who also appeared as the various love interested in The Inbetweeners movie are all extremely funny.

2. It is set in Leeds, and will tell the story of a group of friends grappling with love, sex, and each other while doing menial jobs in Leeds.

3. Bob Mortimer will play a parent. Of who, we don’t know. But it doesn’t really matter because it’s actual Bob Mortimer.

4. It was written by Jessica Knappett. Which leads us nicely to the assumption that…

4. Jessica Knappett is the new Lena Dunham. Probably.

5 things we hope to see from Drifters

1. Instead of dealing with virginity loss - please - can it deal primarily with bad sex/premature ejaculation/STDs?

2. Can one of them be doing ‘work experience’ while also working in Vodka Revolution? Because that happens.

3. Can the menial jobs be in any of the following (which are all in west Yorkshire): Harvey Nichols, the West Indian Centre, Debenhams, the student union or Wakefield.

4. Please can more than one of them be bigger than a size 8? Because otherwise, it’s just weird.

5. Please can we incorporate night buses instead of yellow cabs, red bull and vodka instead of white Russians, Hyde Park instead of Central Park and loads and loads of terrifying art history students as extras? Good.




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