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5 Things We've Learned From Icona Pop

With their brilliant new single I Love It finally being released, we caught up with Aino Jawo one half of the Swedish powerhouse who are taking over popworld

1) I Love It Is About A Break Up

Aino: “(I Love It) is about getting out of a really shitty break-up, but there comes a day when you start to get stronger. You turn the pain to anger and you’re like ‘fuck it, I can make it!’ When we play the song live, it's amazing, you can see people singing it to the imaginary person they’re angry with."

2) They’ve Done Some Of The Things In The Song

Aino: “I’ve definitely thrown a lot of shit into a bag, and I would do it again if someone treated me or my friend badly. But I haven’t crashed my car into a bridge although I have definitely dated a lot of pigs!”

3) The Line About The 90s Is Metaphorical

“Well not really..I mean I love my back packs and one hit wonders…But no, that line (“you’re from the 70s but I’m a 90s bitch”) is more of a metaphor than anything real. Although there is something about the age difference in a relationship, when you’re a bit older love changes. It doesn't make a difference if you’re 16 or 45. When you’re older you become more "rule focused" and sometimes people make love so much harder than it has to be."

4) A ‘Party Rabbit’ Brought Them Together

“A few years ago I was dumped and retreated to my bed. A mutual friend of ours got me to go to a house party which turned out to be Caroline (Hjelt)’s. We met and there was an instant connection. We spent the whole night talking and ended up dancing together with Caroline’s pet rabbit who was 13 years old. She was called ‘Carey’ but was also known as ‘The Party Rabbit’.

The next day we met up with our computers and wrote a song. It sounded like the Sugababes-meet-Tarantino and had this "Spaghetti Western" vibe. It was called The Sheriff Came To Town On A Big Black Horse."

5) Friendship Is The Key To Icona Pop

“We’ve been through a lot together. It’s been crazy we’ve done heartaches, break up, a lot of shit but also a lot of wonderful things together. We’ve lived our lives at double speed and to be able to share that with your best friend is such a luxury. I don’t think I would have come this far without her.”


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