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WATCH The Homeland, Season 3 Trailer: 5 Things We've Learned

We have been on tenterhooks waiting for the new season of Homeland to hit our screens. With the first episode due to air in the US on 29 September we're finally getting a look at the trailer and boy, is it explosive stuff. At the end of season two, we saw Brody escape after Carrie believed his claims that he had nothing to do with the huge terrorist attack on CIA which killed David Estes among others and leaving Saul in charge. It's fair to say, the fallout is pretty spectacular...

1. Carrie comes off her meds

Claire Danes has made no secret of the fact Carrie Matheson puts down the pills this season. 'Carrie is always sitting on her own personal ticking bomb,' she told E! of her bipolar character. 'It's just an impossible dilemma because she's not great on the meds and she's even worse off of them.' Yep, things don't look totally peachy as we see Carrie in a hospital gown, handcuffed to a gurnie... 

2. Brody goes bald

Since Brody fled after being outed as a terrorist we find that he has a) escaped the US and appears to be hoodie clad and somewhere in the Middle East (how - who is helping him??) b) with no hair - the ginger locks have completely disappeared in favour of a shaved head and c) he has possibly been shot and also beaten up quite badly. So erm, things don't look so great for him either.

3. Dana misses her daddy

Despite her exceptional skills at being one of the moodiest teenagers on the planet, Brody's daughter Dana still has a soft spot for her old man. After finding out that he converted to Islam during his captivity, we see Dana taking to a prayer mat. In contrast, we also see her taking a topless photo of herself. Looks like someone has discovered Snapchat...

4. Saul says he's sorry

Saul is now in charge of the CIA after David Estes was killed in the CIA bombing. We've always loved Saul for being a father-figure to Carrie but will the fact he knows about her true feelings for Brody and the extent of her medical history come between them as he fights for his country? We sense things could get a little bit awkward...

5. Is there a clue in the song?

The trailer is set to the lush sounds of The Cinematic Orchestra's To Build A Home which includes the rather poignant lyrics, 'And now, it's time to leave and turn to dust'. We might be clutching at straws in suggesting that this points to the demise of another main character but it certainly seems to illustrate the utter turmoil that everyone finds themselves in...


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Sandra Butler (Sat Aug 10 20:59:12 BST 2013): Can't wait
Caroline Coleman (Mon Aug 12 18:15:47 BST 2013): Maybe she's off her meds because she's pregnant with Brody's baby?