5 Things Beyonce Revealed At Her Super Bowl Press Conference

01 February 2013

We are so, ludicrously, ridiculously, excited about the Super Bowl on Sunday. And it isn’t because of the NFL championship game (as if we know anything about American football). It’s of course because at half time Beyonce will be performing and booty shaking on stage for twelve minutes in arguably one of the biggest performances of her career.

While nothing will be revealed until night itself, on Thursday Mrs Jay-Z gave us a few hints about what we can expect when she hosted a press conference in New Orleans. Not before getting the assembled press to stand while she sang the American National Anthem acapella and more importantly, LIVE… perhaps an ‘In Your Face’ at critics who criticised her for singing along to a backing track at President Obama’s Inauguration last week.

Here’s the top five things Beyonce revealed last night…

1. She will sing live at the Super Bowl
Beyonce got a lot of flak for singing along to a pre-recorded track at President Obama’s Inauguration ceremony. But the star promised that she would be singing live during Sunday’s Super Bowl performance. ‘I am a perfectionist and one thing about me is that I practise until my feet bleed and I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra [at the Inauguration],’ she said. ‘So I decided to sing along with my pre-recorded track which is very common in the music industry. I will absolutely be singing live [on Sunday]. I am well-rehearsed.’

2. Destiny's Child might be performing on Sunday
Rumours have been rife that Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland might join Beyonce on stage ever since the three ladies announced that they would be reuniting on their new album Love Songs and single Nuclear. Smiling coyly, Beyonce said, ‘I can’t really give you any details, I’m sorry. It was so exciting to hear us together again [recently]. I felt like a little teenager again when I heard us harmonise. There’s nothing like our connection and the sisterhood we have so it’s always such a pleasure to be around them professionally and personally.’

3. She's suffering form anxiety about her performance
Yes, even a pro like Beyonce gets nervous. Well the Super Bowl is arguably one of the most coveted gigs in the music industry, and her predecessors include Whitney Houston, Madonna and Michael Jackson. ‘I’m so anxious,’ she said. ‘It is nerve wracking and it is something we’ve been preparing for about four or five months so of course I’m nervous. I think of all my heroes [who have done it before]. It’s something that I’m so honoured to be doing at 31 years old.’

4. She has a big announcement to make
Beyonce revealed that she has some exciting news to tell her fans at the end of her performance on Sunday. What could it be? Are Destiny’s Child set to tour again? Perhaps. ‘I would say [I’ll be touring again] soon and I may have an announcement after the performance and the fans should stay tuned to see.’

5. That her daughter influences her decisions
Beyonce’s frank documentary, Life Is But A Dream, where she addresses suffering a miscarriage, airs on February 16. And Beyonce revealed that she decided to film it after her daughter Blue Ivy, one, was born. ‘I feel like my daughter has changed me and given me so much purpose,’ she said. ‘I feel like this movie is very necessary and I think that it’s time for people to get to know me and to see a different side. I’m happy I could tell my story on my terms. I can’t wait to enjoy my daughter [when the Super Bowl is over] because I miss her and I’m working so hard.’

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By Lottie Lumsden



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