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The Anna Nicole Smith Biopic Has Arrived! Here's 5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait To See It

The TV movie Anna Nicole premiered on the US channel Lifetime at the weekend and The New York Post called it: "A true-life movie so good, so well written, yet sleazy enough to satisfy even the cheesiest viewers amongst us." Whilst it’s yet to get a UK air date we’re still super excited about it. Here’s 5 good reasons why we want to see it.

1) She Lived 'La Vida Loca'


The Wikipedia entry on Anna Nicole’s life reads like The Valley Of The Dolls meets The National Enquirer. From the Playboy years through to her May to (late, late, late) December marriage to Texan billionaire J. Howard Marshall, Anna Nicole’s life that was made for the silver screen (or at least for special, bumper episode of Revenge).

2) It Stars Agnes Bruckner

There was some debate over who should play Anna Nicole Smith. Using some overly logical reasoning, The Frisky voted for Lindsay Lohan and Pamela Anderson which would have been amazing (obvs) but from the looks of the trailer, we’re pretty glad they went for relative unknown Agnes Bruckner instead. She brings the ‘jiggle-then-cry’ factor to the role. Very Anna Nicole.

3) She Was The Original Kardashian

Anna Nicole Smith ushered in a new era of celebrity, the era of being famous for nothing and having a symbiotic relationship with the press (that lapsed into real life Pantomime). She was the original Kardashian, Paris (and, eventually, Honey Boo Boo), and her reality show The Anna Nicole Show was a virtual ‘how to’ guide in making modern, car crash telly.

4) It’s Directed By Mary Harron

Between 1996’s  I Shot Andy Warhol (which focused on Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist who shot the pop artist in 1968) and 2005’s The Notorious Bettie Page (which was about the ‘Queen of the pin-ups’), Mary Harron is well known for making films about polarizing female figures. We’re sure that Anna Nicole’s story is in good hands.

5) It May Be As Good As The Opera

Anna Nicole’s crazy story was the perfect material for the punk-opera Anna Nicole. It felt a bit like what would happen if Tina Fey wrote Librettos instead of gags about night cheese. How could we keep a straight face with lines like “why be normal when you could be a sensation?/Come  to me for your breast augmentation,” sung in a POV (Proper Opera Voice)?  (we couldn’t).




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