5 Books We’ve Bought… And Never Read

06 March 2014 by

SJP with her (well read) copy of The Goldfinch

We’ve all done it right. Heard about the new must-read book, rushed out to buy it… and then left it sitting on our bedside table – unopened – for, well, ever.

Good news – we’re not the only ones. A new study to tie in with World Book Day, commission by storage firm Shurgard, has revealed more than half the books on shelves across the UK go unread.

Here are the books that Team Grazia never QUITE managed to read (but they make very good doorstops…)

1. The Slap, Christos Tsiolkas

I found it the other day leering at me from the book shelf. The basic problem was I didn’t like any of the characters, but at the same time they intrigued me. With that book in particular it was a love hate thing. Not sure I have enough love to go back just yet though. – Emily Maddick, News Editor

2. Beautiful Ruins, Jess Walters

I keep starting it and can tell I’m going to love it but never get round to properly investing time in it. Having moved to North London where my commute is half the time, I just don’t spend time reading anymore. I used to read a book a week on my hour train journey. – Lottie Lumsden, Deputy Entertainment and News Editor

3. Behind the Scenes of the Museum, Kate Atkinson

I know. It's my cultural shame. It kept lolling around my bedside table for about three years. Just could never get into it – despite everyone telling me IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING BOOK EVER. – Vicky Harper, Specials Director

4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson

I’ve seen the film and desperately want to read the book. But despite buying it eight years ago, I have never actually even opened it. Instead, my cat mostly uses it as a headrest. – Louisa Pritchard, News Features Director

5. Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel

I bought Wolf Hall to take with me on holiday to France, but the weather was so hot that the binding melted and the pages (of which there are many many) blew into the pool and all over the garden.  I stopped reading it and have never picked it up since. – Rose Beer, Acting Beauty Editor

What books have you bought and never read? Tweet us your literary confesssions at @grazia_live.




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