4 Questions For Winona Ryder And The Heathers Sequel

16 January 2013 by

Heathers fans rejoice! The 1988 film that made icons of its stars Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty may well be back on our screens soon. Well, an incarnation of it. Bravo are thinking about making a spinoff series for tv set 20 years after the original featuring Veronica and her daughter. Yes, that’s right, the surviving ‘Heathers’ have kids, the ‘Ashleys’! The 1980s black comedy about a high school clique was the original Mean Girls – and made a whole generation of boys – and girls – obsessed with Winona Ryder.

1. So, would they want Winona Ryder back?

Would it still be Heathers without Winona? The door has been left wide open for her return. Writer Jenny Bicks who is set to executive produce the show for Bravo told The Hollywood Reporter, ‘If Winona Ryder wanted to come in and play something, we’d love to have her.’ Well, that’s told her then.

2. Would Winona want to do it?

They may want her back but would Winona want to return? She told CNN last year, ‘Veronica’s very close to my heart. There’s a territorial thing just because I love it so much and I love the people involved and it was a real, incredibly special experience.’ So, that’s not a no then…

3. Who would watch it?

Besides us, obvs. As with all spin-offs, the aim is to appeal to original fans of Heathers but also to introduce them to a new generation. Jenny said, ‘Bring them all back! I think there's that sense of the people who know the original would love to see that but then there's also this opportunity for this whole new generation who doesn't know Heathers the way we do to be introduced to it in a new way. Like what's happening with The Carrie Diaries right now -- people who don't know the old show but can be introduced to a new show.’ People not knowing Sex and the City? Erm, ok…

4. Would they still be allowed to swear?

Teenagers swear. Fact. Angsty teenagers swear even more than most it would seem. But Winona is clearly a little worried about whether anyone would be allowed to swear on Bravo. ‘Can they swear on that channel? Because I saw that on, like, Comedy Central once and it was like every other word was bleeped out. The language, that movie's brilliant.’



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