25 Stars Reveal Their Cinematic Crushes In W Magazine: Kristen Stewart, Elle Fanning & More

01 February 2013 by

On a Friday afternoon nobody wants to read anything too serious. So why not spend the next ten minutes or so thinking about your all time Hollywood crush? We're not the only ones who get giddy at the sight of Ryan Gosling or think Brad Pitt is the perfect man, as stars also burst into fits of giggles when talking about their celebrity crushes.

W Magazine have asked 25 stars from Amy Adams to Denzel Washington which movie stars they adore and we have picked out our 10 favourite from the bunch. The cutest has to be Elle Fanning as she looks like she's about to burst when she tells us about the time Ryan Gosling shook her hand (understandable). Who do you think made Jessica Chastain burst into tears when she saw him on the red carpet? Which star made Bradley Cooper stop breathing? Which girl is K Stew crushing on? Find out who makes Kristen Stewart, Naomi Watts, Bradley Cooper and other stars swoon below and be sure to watch all 25 videos at W Magazine. 

1. Elle Fanning

'Ryan Gosling – I LOVE Ryan Gosling. I remember meeting him for the first time. I met him at the Governors Ball and I freaked out. He stares into your soul. And he’s really TALL. I’m used to always being the taller one looking down at people, and he’s tall so he was looking down at ME. So that was sort of a first in a weird way…'

2. Kristen Stewart

'I used to have a huge thing for Harrison Ford but Amy Adams, man, she’s my favourite actress right now I think. I have a total crush on her because I got to work with her too – she’s awesome.'

3. Emma Stone

'I have a few cinematic crushes, ok so when I was 10 Steve Martin (I mean still these all last) in The Jerk, Tom Hanks in Big, now it's Marion Cotillard. Definitely Marion Cotillard I just saw Rust and Bone and she’s just incredible.'

4. Rebel Wilson

'Channing Tatum – I’m too nervous to even say it because what if he sees this? What if he’s like rebel Wilson is MY celebrity crush. Yeah, let me get divorced form my wife and come and find out where she lives. Alright Channing, if you wanna do that…'

5. Jessica Chastain

'Gary Oldman is my cinematic crush… Gary Oldman in Dracula. It was just him with the accent and the hair and the humanity he brought to the character. That was it for me...'

6. Bradley Cooper

'I was just bowled over by Julie Christie when I saw her in Dr Zhivago. I actually couldn’t breathe. Her beauty was just, exploded out of the screen to me, then Shampoo and Heaven Can Wait, I was utterly obsessed with Julie Christie.'

7. Kerry Washington

'Cinematic crush would maybe be Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music, yeah that would probably be the one. I love that song I must have done something good, I love the idea of that song and I love him singing it. He’s so angry about that film whenever I see him in interviews. Oh well!'

8. Marion Cotillard

'Harry Dean Stanton was my type of guy when I was a kid. I was totally in love with him. I was a big big fan I wanted to go anywhere with Harry Dean Stanton. Texas.. Paris… wherever.'

9. Naomi Watts

'Daniel Day Lewis… I really want to work with you Daniel I hope you watch this. He’s brilliant every time, every single time. Never met. Could you arrange?'

10. Ben Affleck

'I think Brad Pitt is my cinematic crush. Brad Pitt to me is the perfect man and actor. Brad I hope this doesn’t disturb you to hear.'

So which Hollywood starlet makes you blush? While you decide watch all 25 cinematic crush videos at W Magazine...



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