2014 Oscars: Ellen DeGeneres Gives Us The Best Selfie Ever

03 March 2014 by

How many famous people can you fit into one selfie? A LOT if you're at the Oscars (and you're hosting it). Brangelina! Jennifer Lawrence! Bradley Cooper! Meryl Streep! You'll never get a more glitzy photo than this, but then it's not often you're in a room with the biggest A-listers on the planet. This snap got 648k retweets in only 27 minutes. Looks like a new record is about to be set. So before we make it our Facebook cover photo, let's break it down, shall we? Starting clockwise from left...

Jared Leto: He managed to get one eye and a smidge of shiny hair in there, just.

Jennifer Lawrence: She's not pulling a goofy face! Or falling over!

Channing Tatum: Good job on balancing a-top Meryl's head.

Julia Roberts: She is definitley the most excited. Or is that just because she's standing next to Brad Pitt?

Kevin Spacey: Nice photobomb, Spacey! He creeped in at the very last moment.

Brad Pitt: Two Brads, one photo! It doesn't get any better.

Lupita Nyong'o: This is almost better than winning an actual Oscar. We said almost.

Angelina Jolie: She's trying to give us a wave! But gets intercepted by...

Lupita's brother: Yep, the only non-actor pictured. Peter's claim to fame will forever be The Man Who Blocked Angelina Jolie In The Best Selfie Ever. Nice work.

Bradley Cooper: Bradders not only managed to get right at the front but actually took the damn photo. Who knew he's such a selfie pro?

Ellen DeGeneres: All hail the queen of the selfie! Thank you, Oscars.

Meryl Streep: What better way for this Twitter-phobe to pop her social media cherry? Exactly.

UPDATE: And now there's a GIF too, of course. The Hollywood Selfie has officially become the most retweeted picture, ever. It even surpassed the previous record holder, President Barack Obama, with his election night victory photo of him hugging wife Michelle Obama, which was retweeted a whooping 777,000 times. Oh, and did we mention it broke the Internet? Uh-huh. 

2014 Oscars: Ellen DeGeneres Gives Us The Best Selfie Ever

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