TMI Selfies: This Year's Best and Worst of Celebrity Overshares on Instagram with Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and More...

07 December 2013 by

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© Instagram: @jessicalowndes

Jessica Lowndes - A Bit of Naked Gratitude Goes A Long Way

[a target="_blank" href="">@jessicalowndes[/a]: 'Lovin' my @vitaminaswim bikinis! Thank you so much @yfraynd xo'

© Instagram: @missdlloyd

Danielle Lloyd - Unsurprisingly This Picture Was Removed from Miss Lloyd's Account But The Before and After Pics Remain...

[a target="_blank" href="">@missdlloyd[/a]: “Posh wee wee in my gold toilet lol”

© Instagram: @jamesfrancotv

James Franco

[a target="_blank" href="">@jamesfrancotv[/a]: '#Almostnude - YOU ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT IT. Tryna work that body, tryin', tryin'.

Kim Kardashian - #NoFilter

[a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/">@kimkardashian[/a]: #NoFilter

© Instagram - @heidiklum

Heidi Klum - Tight Abs Selfie

[a target="_blank" href="">@heidiklum[/a]: 'Smile!'

© Instagram - @NickiMinaj

Nicki Minaj - TMI Nicki! TMI!

[a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/‎">@nickiminaj[/a]: 'Officer Minaj. Who wants to get cuffed?

© Instagram - @justinbieber

Justin Bieber - 'Eagle' (What??)

[a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/‎">@justinbieber[/a]: 'Eagle'

© Instagram - @kourtneykardash

Kourtney Kardashian

[a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/‎">@kourtneykardash[/a]: 'Fishy Feet!'

© Instagram - @amandabynes

Amanda Bynes - Classy!

@amandabynes: 'Long hair.Con't care'

© Instagram - @ladygaga

Lady Gaga - The Mother Monster

@ladygaga: 'personal record for wig changes in one day. Usually means my soul is restless. Life's too short to wear one hat.'

Lady Gaga - What She Gets Up To In Her Hotel Room...

@ladygaga: 'Happy as my Clam'

Heidi Klum- With Some Serious Tan Lines!

@heidiklum: 'Ouch!'

Yesterday James Franco instgrammed a picture of himself #Almostnude, post-gym workout. It got us thinking about some of the truly amazing overshares we have seen in the year that the word 'Selfie' made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. It's been a year for waaay TMI (too much information) via a fearfully rapidly growing acceptance of internet self-obsession. We've seen many a foot selfie, food selfies, Belfies (close-up bum shot) and Telfies (that's a toilet selfie to you and me - joy!) but it's the far-too-comfortable overshare selfie that we're truly beginning to worry about and we've rounded up the best of them for you in this guide. And the nominees are...

Justin Bieber - the boy is talented, there's no denying it: he's mastered the art of selfying EVEN in zero light where a smartphone photo just should not be possible. He's yet to learn how to fasten his trousers though (or, on some occasions, wear any at all) but you can't have it all.

Kourtney Kardashian - posted a pic of her Doctor Fish pedicure: tiny fish chewing the dead skin off her feet. Just eww.

Lady Gaga - so obviously a social media extrovert she almost didn't make the list but points are due for her range: the Mother Monster can go from morning-after bed-hair and, um, face, to full-on kinky underwear shots (more worringly, this appears to be the biggest trend see Amanda Bynes and Nicki Minaj for more info), rolling around on the floor.

Kim Kardashian - not at all media-shy Kim coined the Belfie in a dressing-room shot just last month featuring Kim in THAT white bodysuit (Kanye's comment beneath read 'COMING HOME NOW'. We knew the girl had a great ass but seriously?

Heidi Klum - seems to be rather fond of posting pics of her own boobs and backside - they're rather good (the body parts, not the pics) so it's arguably hard to blame her but are they really necessary? (the pics not the body parts).

Danielle Lloyd - invented the Telfie. It's a pic of her sitting on the toilet. Nuff said.

Scroll through our gallery above of the best and worst of em....


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