Lily Cole Goes Topless For Yeah Yeah Yeahs And 12 Other Things She Does In The Video

27 March 2013 by

We always think of Lily Cole as being one of those all round lovely people who happens to be blessed with supermodel beauty. She does loads for charity (kids, the environment, elephants etc), she got a DOUBLE first from Cambridge university and besides loads of totally gorge fashion campaigns, she's also dabbled as an actress. But now, it seems as though Lily has turned to the dark side. Uh-oh. But don't worry kids, this time she's lent a hand to the indie rock band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and is the star of their new music video Sacrilege. It's pretty dark. Oh, and backwards (which we think makes it rather cool). So to help you get your head around the slightly twisted story, we've broken it down for you in 13 easy steps. And in chronological order too, just to make life easier...

1. Oh look, Lily's in a wedding dress

2. Aww, she marries this guy (remember the priest for later!!)

3. But then gets it on with this guy in the toilets

4. Before snuggling up with this guy

5. And this woman!

6. Then drinks some wine in the bath with aforementioned woman's husband

7. Then she takes her top off getting frisky with this mechanic

8. Who happened to have fixed this dude's car

9. We're not sure why she's kissing this man

10. But he sees her kissing the priest (remember, from the wedding)!!

11. So everyone she's slept with gangs up, kidnaps and shoots the priest

12. Then they all chase after Lily

13. Before burning them both at the stake


P.S. Here's the whole video so you can enjoy this sordid tale in all its back-to-front glory.

P.P.S. We do not advocate burning at the stake for sex crimes. Or any other crimes for that matter.



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