Get Happy Now With 10 Ways To Beat The 'Blue Monday' Blues

20 January 2014 by

David Beckham Harper Beckham

David + Harper = cuteness [Getty]

It’s official. Today is the most depressing day of the year – aka: Blue Monday. Even if you didn’t wake up feeling depressed you probably will by the end of the day due to the fact that everyone else around you will be incessantly moaning. But fear not! We're here to help with 10 things to cheer you up…

1. Look at photos of David and Harper Beckham

Like, how cute? We can't get enough.

10 Ways To Beat The Blue Monday Blues

N'awwww! [Getty]

2. Eat chocolate

It's nearly lunchtime, right? And the January detox is a distant memory...

*nom nom nom* [Miley Cyrus Instagram]

3. Listen to this song on repeat

We love Happy by Pharrell Williams. Seriously, how did he manage to write a song that makes you so, well, happy?

4. Break dry January

Why not have a gin? Oh, come on, you’ve done 20 days now, that’s impressive.

It Might Be Blue Monday But We've Got 10 Things That Will Make You Happy

Champers, anyone? [Getty]

5. Jump up and down

Exercise is proven to make you happy by releasing natural endorphins #fact

Jumping like this will make you look like a supermodel in no time [Miranda Kerr Instagram]

6. Think about all the happy things in your life

Your friends, your family, that new pair of shoes you secretly bought yourself last week…

It was love at first sight when we saw these Louboutin flats [Grazia_Live Instagram]

7. Look at this picture of Ryan Gosling


10 Ways To Beat The Blue Monday Blues

Yes please [Getty]

8. Watch The Wolf of Wall Street

We are absolutely OBSESSED with this film. Although Margot Robbie’s amazing body might make you feel bad about that chocolate you just ate.

9. Tune into a live stream of kittens

Yep, thanks to our friends over at Heatworld, you can watch these gorgeous kittens at Battersea Cats and Dogs home all day long on their live stream. Just don’t tell your boss, yeah?

Here Are 10 Ways To Beat Blue Monday And Get Happy Now

Move over Grumpy Cat [Heatworld]

10. If all else fails, get an early night

Look, we don’t mean to be defeatist but the quickest way to get over Blue Monday is to sleep your way to a hopefully happy Tuesday. Roll on home time!

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