As Ant and Dec Storm To Number 1, Here Are 10 Things We Have 1994 To Thank For

26 March 2013 by

Psyche! This week, Ant and Dec - aka PJ and Duncan - found themselves at the top of the singles chart after a flawless rendition of Nineties hit, Let's Get Ready to Rhumble on their TV show, Saturday Night Takeaway. Naturally, it also got us thinking about whether 1994 was indeed a defining year in pop culture - and guess what? Here are 10 reasons why it was seminal...


1. Grunge reached critical mass

THEN: This was the year Kurt Cobain killed himself, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam went mainstream and Reality Bites, starring Winona Rider, introduced us to the novel concepts of slacker-chic and brown lipstick.

NOW: Saint Laurent AW13 emo-chic


2. Cleavage became CLEAVAGE

THEN: 1994 was the year of the Great British Cleavage, thanks to Eva Herzigova and that Wonderbra advert. A million small-breasted women subsequently rejoiced.

NOW: most red carpets.


3. Kate Moss became a celebrity

THEN: In 1994 a little-known Calvin Klein model called Kate Moss started a dating little-known indie actor called Johnny Depp, and well the rest is history. Sadly, ditto them.

NOW: Kate Moss NOW

4. The Kardashians became The Kardashians


THEN: Well sort of. In 1994, American footballer OJ Simpson was charged with the murder of his girlfriend and her lover. Despite ‘watertight’ evidence, he got off thanks to his lawyer, Robert George Kardashian, who became a celebrity overnight and, well…

NOW: Hello, The Kardashians!

5. We all wanted to be Rachel

THEN: Friends first aired in 1994, introducing us to six friends so socially challenged they all married each other because they didn’t know anyone else. It also became the template for every sitcom to follow.

NOW: Girls

6. Haircuts got silly

THEN: If you turned 30 last year, chances are your first boyfriend had curtains. Curtains! Really, the name should have been a giveaway. But then you were probably too busy getting A Rachel, weren’t you?

NOW: The Alexa, Taylor Bangs.

7. Teen angst became ACCEPTABLE

THEN: My So-called Life, starring then-teen Claire Danes, tackled the awkwardness of school like no other programme, spawning a host of diary-style teen TV. Without MSCL, we’d have no Dawson’s Creek. Think about it.

NOW: My Mad Fat Diary

8. Cool Britannia was born

THEN: In 1994, MP for Sedgefield Tony Blair became leader of the Labour party. He went onto coin the term 'New Labour', have tea with Noel Gallagher and air-kiss Tracey Emin. Then he presented a Brit Award and a small part of our souls died…

NOW: Boris Johnson dancing at the Olympics, David Cameron ‘chillaxing’.

9. Lesbians went mainstream

THEN: Arguably Liverpool soap Brookside's best known moment involved Anna Friel and a lesbian kiss. It was also a pre-watershed first for British TV.

NOW: Sue Perkins lesbian Heading Out starts this spring

10. We all wore 'Mom Jeans'

THEN: Obviously Cindy Crawford in her stonewashed, high-waisted jeans looks very different to us in the stonewashed, high-waisted jeans. And yet street-style would suggest that they’re back. Ouch.

NOW: Topshop ‘Mom’ jeans





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