10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do On Facebook

04 February 2014 by

Lena Dunham


Happy 10th birthday Facebook! It's strange to think that just a decade ago the only people who wrote on walls were graffiti artists and that a mate telling you they'd been stalking their ex had a totally different consequences.

Plus we're all such social media pros now. Now we're all snapping, uploading, tagging, sharing and liking in under five minutes flat.  Back in 2004 we were all accidentally posting private-messages publicly and spending hours uploading 30-picture albums called 'Big Night Out At Showbar Parts 1, 2 and 3'. 

Gossip Girl

[Gossip Girl]

Don't get too cocky though. There's still a lot we can all learn about the social media super-power. Here are 10 things you didn't know you could do on the site...

1. 'Like' Facebook pages via text

Did you know you can text 'Like' and then a Facebook page username - 'Grazia UK' for example -  to FBOOK (32665) to automatically like a page and get SMS notifications from it? No? Neither did we.

2. Build a photo album with other people

You and your girls had an amazing time at Glasto but only have a few photos each? Select 'Make Shared Album' when you're uploading them to invite buddies to collaborate. You can even change the privacy settings incase the snaps are NSFW.

3. Export Your calendar

Want to combine your Facebook events with your work schedule? You can! Facebook lets you export to Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. Go to events, click on the little cog in the top-right corner and select 'Export'.

4. Edit links and re-position your photos

You want to keep your personal brand on point? If a link you're posting doesn't have the exact name or description you want you can change it by double clicking. Did you know you can also reposition photos on your wall by clicking on the arrow sumbol in their top right corner.

5. Upload GIFs

Although Facebook doesn't officially support animated GIFs, Giphy - a search engine for GIFs - has created a code you can post on the site - like a video link - that makes GIFs loop. Yay! 

Justin Timberlake

6. Curate 'interest' lists

By clicking on 'Add Interests' in the option bar on the left hand side of your homepage you can create a curated lists of content from all your favourite Facebook pages. *Cough* Grazia UK *Cough*.

7. Invite non-Facebook members to an event

Got friends who aren't on Facebook? Don't panic next time you're organising a group holiday with them. The 'Guests' menu on an 'Event' lets you enter the e-mail addresses of people who do not have Facebook accounts.

8. Create a poll

Next time you can't decide where to go for your birthday you can give your pals a number of options and let them vote for their fave. Use the 'Question' tool - you'll find it just above the 'Create Status' button.

9. Embed a post on a blog

Click the arrow on the top right corner of a post to grab the embedding code so you can paste it your blog. You're so multi-platform!

10. Ensure you never miss posts from close friends

Head to 'Friends' in the homepage left-hand tool bar and click 'Close Friends' to make a list of your bestest buds, ensuring you never miss updates from them. Also useful for keeping a tab on ex-boyfs… (Just sayin')



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