ITV2’s Big Reunion: 10 Things We’ve Learnt From The Amazing TV Show

27 February 2013 by

Last night, pop fans across the world (or a pocket of west London at least) went into a frenzy as Kerry Katona took to the stage for the first time in over ten years. BEAR WITH US HERE.

She was part of the Big Reunion gig which took place at London’s Hammersmith Apollo last night. If you haven’t been watching ITV2’s Big Reunion (WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE, SERIOUSLY?), you might not be aware that Atomic Kitten, 5ive, Honeyz, B*witched, Liberty X and 911 have reformed for a) an amazing TV show and b) a series of gigs – the first of which was last night.

Liberty X squeezed back into the PVC, B*witched wheeled out the denim (double, of course) and Kerry Katona tried and failed to contain her breasts in a jumpsuit. It was, quite frankly, brilliant.

The show has been a cult hit – not just for the obvious (Abs/Abz from 5ive, basically), but also for the unexpected poignancy of seeing these once Top Of The Pops-conquering stars talk about the grim reality of fame - and ending up in pop's dumpster.

Big Reunion Atomic Kitten

To celebrate their first gig, here’s 10 things we’ve learnt so far from The Big Reunion…

1. B*witched never liked denim

WE KNOW! The band were famous for their teaming of denim jeans with denim jackets WAY before Alexa made double denim cool. But the band hated wearing it – especially as their manager told them they weren’t allowed to even leave their house without two items of denim on their persona. And you thought being a popstar was fun.

2. Lee and Lindsay are a love story for our time

They met on tour in the 90s, fell in love and got married in 2006. "We got engaged and had this amazing, fairytale wedding. The whole day was just the best day ever," said Lee. But pop’s golden couple split in 2011. Sob. There’s still a glimmer of hope for us hopeless romantics, though. “I still find it tough that we’re not together," said Lee. "I mean, I guess if she rang up tomorrow and said 'how do you fancy us getting back together,' I would." Oh go on Lindsay, make our pop dreams come true.

3. Abs needs his own show, STAT.

Perhaps a cookery one? “I was having lemon sorbet with vodka…for breakfast,” he said, describing his staple diet during his post-5ive breakdown (during which time a rich lady inexplicably took him in, and a man offered him sex in exchange for a Bentley. “I could smell the leather,” Abs/Abz remembers.)

4. Abz DEFINITELY needs his own show

On whether they should replace J – who declined to join 5ive for the reunion – or have one less member. “How about calling ourselves Four but spelt with a… 4?”

5. He also has some amazing headwear

6. Richie from 5ive’s accent is out of control

One minute it’s Brummie, the next Antipodean. But whichever lilt he's using, saying “can we all just CHILL. THE. HELL. out” will never be ok, Rich(ie).

7. Liz McClarnon is a bit of a thug

Yes, the sweet, shy one former Atomic Kitten has a hard as nails side…evidenced when she landed Kerry Katona with an almighty punch after Kez pushed Liz’s brother out the car to make space for Brian McFadden.

8. Liberty X were together SEVEN years

HOW?! Just A Little was a corker, yes…but seven years?! Even they acknowledged that they limped to an end. “It was like letting go of a balloon,” they said of their anti-climatic final gig.

9. The Honeyz were not the UK's answer to Destiny's Child

No matter how much they tried to convince us.

10. 911 were mean to Atomic Kitten

The two bands toured together, and Atomic Kitten thought it would be funny to hide thing in their shoes. The boys' response? Weeing in Atomic Kitten's trainers. And you thought being a pop star was glamorous.




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