10 Questions: Emma Willis Dishes On Marriage, Motherhood and Her Cheese Toastie Making Skills

27 January 2014 by

Can you really get under a person’s skin with just a few well-chosen questions? We find out with new host of The Voice and Celebrity Big Brother Emma Willis, 37. She talks to Grazia about her husband Matt Willis, being a mother and just how much she loves to sleep.

1: Who are you closest to?

Emma Willis: My husband Matt and my mum. Matt is probably the closest because there's a whole new level of intimacy when you have a husband, but there are things I would talk to my mum about that I wouldn't tell Matt.

2: What's your earliest memory?

Emma Willis: Christmas at home in Birmingham when I was four-years-old. I remember seeing my presents and there was a long thin flat gift under the tree. I was convinced it was a Curly Wurly chocolate bar and it turned out to be a watch. I was devastated when I opened it which speaks volumes about me.

3: What’s your biggest fear?

Emma Willis: Death, losing people close to me and if I wasn't here would my kids even remember me? It's a full on paranoia and I don't like being away on my own in case something happens and nobody knows about it. I envy the people who say they're OK with the death thing.


4: What is relaxation to you?

Emma Willis: Sleep. I'm always tired, achy and busy. Sleep is something that's been lacking for five years now since I became a mother [to Isabelle, four, and Ace, two]. A full night's sleep is a real luxury.

5: What are you best at?

Emma Willis: Ask Matt– I have skills. That's a joke. I'm great at cheese toasties late at night after everyone's had a skinful.

6: What do you value in a partner?

Emma Willis: Someone who listens and has a great sense of humour. Loyalty is pretty important too.

7: What's your biggest regret?

Emma Willis: You have to try not to have regrets. You need to learn from your decisions. Regrets change you as a person and not necessarily for the better.

8: What's the one thing you'd change about your life if you could?

Emma Willis: I would have all my family living in the same city so we could see each other all the time.

9: Tell us something that will shock our readers?

Emma Willis: I really want to have a blonde pixie haircut like Michelle Williams in the Louis Vuitton campaign.

10: What one item could you not live without?

Emma Willis: My phone. Purely because it's my lifeline to my husband Matt, to my daughter Isabelle at school, my child-minder, my mum, dad and work. I'm so reliant on it.


Emma hosts The Voice on BBC One and BBC One HD at 7pm on Saturdays.

Interview by Dean Piper




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