10 Questions: Donna Air Dishes On Being A Mother and Victoria Beckham Jeans

07 April 2014 by

Can you really get under a person’s skin with just a few well-chosen questions? We find out with TV presenter and James Middleton's girlfriend Donna Air who is supporting Cancer Research UK's Race For Life 2014. She talks to Grazia about her daughter Freya, being humped by a silverback gorilla (yes really) and her wardrobe.

1. Who are you closest to?

Donna Air: I’m really lucky because I have a lot of good relationships and I put a lot of time into those. Sometimes it’s a bit exhausting because I have children, step-children, family, friends, an ex, the list goes on. The female relationships in my life have the most impact, so my mother and my daughter obviously. They’re the two most challenging relationships but that’s because they’re the closest.

2. What’s your biggest fear?

Donna Air: Anything happening to my child. I can take most things on the chin but I want her to be safe and well.

3. What is relaxation to you?

Donna Air: I’m not very good at it and I need to do more of it. Getting into bed in the middle of the day is always a bit naughty and quite fun with a cup of tea. Running and yoga too because sometimes when I’m working out it’s like meditation for me. I clear all my thoughts and focus and figure the order of my day and how I’m going to execute stuff.

4. What are you best at?

Donna Air: I’m very good with other people. I’m good at fixing people, making people look good and feel good.

Donna Air and boyfriend James Middleton [Getty]

5. Tell us something that will shock our readers?
Donna Air: A silverback gorilla [once tried] to hump me. I was on one of my conservation trips to the Gabon - my daughter’s family breed very rare and endangered animals - and over the years I’ve obviously had the pleasure of being around such beautiful species and on this occasion the species thought I was rather beautiful too I think! And of course everybody stood around and laughed and nobody helped me. You don’t argue with a gorilla.

6. Describe the last time you remember feeling happy?

Donna Air: Five minutes ago. My daughter had a great day at school. I’m always quite happy.

7. What’s the one thing you’d change about your life if you could?

Donna Air: I’d quite like to have my family a bit closer. I’d move them all to London. I’m not sure they’d go along with that though. And I'd like more sunshine.

8. What do you value in a friend?

Donna Air: A good sense of humour, a sense of fun, intellect, loyalty, compassion, patience, but you don’t always get all of those things with your friends. I also like drive in my friends and individuality.

9. What’s your biggest regret?

Donna Air: I don’t give head space to things that I can’t change.

10. What’s the one item you can’t live without?

Donna Air: At the minute I’m loving my Victoria Beckham jeans and a pair of pink Chloe trousers.

Donna Air is supporting Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life 2014. Run, Walk, Dance




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