10 Of The Cattiest Quotes From Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller

09 June 2014 by

If you've been watching Dance Moms, you'll know how ruthless the ultra-competitive mothers on the show are. Yet, they've got nothing on Abby Lee Miller, the owner of the dance studio that their girls attend. This is the woman who, five minutes into the new series, looked at her excited students and announces that "everyone is replaceable", as their poor little lips quiver. Talk about deconstructive criticism.

Here's some more of her not-so-sensitive lines from the show...

To Payton, when she cries..

"Stop acting like a baby, you’re 15 years old and everybody’s watching you cry. Save your tears for the pillow."

To Jill, after her open auditions...

"I saw 20 kids last night that would make mincemeat out of your kid."

When a mom asks if her child can have a second try at an audition:

"Let me know when she’s on Broadway. I’ll get tickets."

When one of the girls misses 'Bootycamp':

"I think you’re very disrespectful."

On the girls coming third pace in a dance contest:

"I thought it was a hot mess. The girls looked hot, but the routine was a mess."


And when the next competition comes around...

"These girls are not going to go out on that stage and embarrass me. It’s first place or nothing."

On Kendall getting teary... 

"I do not need any brats on this team. It will not be tolerated. If you cry one tear you are not doing the solo."

On Leslie storming out in a huff:

"If I’d have known all it takes to get Leslie out of a room is to tell her to shut up I’d have told her to shut up a long time ago."

 As a 'pep talk' to the girls...

"Each one of you are just another number, easily replaceable."

To Kendall, after she discovers she is second from bottom in the team's 'pyramid':

"Do you know what, you've got to stop with the crying crap."

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