10 Hot Cardinal Dating Sins: The Things You Should Never Do On A Date

19 May 2014 by

We love dating, but it can be super stressful. Whether you clumsily knock over an entire bottle of wine or accidentally tell a story about that time you got the norovirus and vomited in numerous spots around Manchester City Centre, there's so much that can go wrong! (FYI, both of those stories are obviously completely hypothetical...)

But while spillages and word-vomit can come across as endearing (we hope), there are some moves you should just never pull. We like to call these the cardinal sins of dating. Here's our top 10... 

1. Thou shalt not gush about an ex

A mention is fine, especially if you lived together for seven years and most of your stories involve them. But once you get into 'let me show you some snaps of our last romantic break in Thailand.. oh isn't he so handsome!' territory it's game over.

2. Or ask loads of questions about the future...

Unless you want to give off job interview and/or cray-cray vibes, avoid the following: Do you want kids? Where do you see yourself living in 10 years? Do you have a five year career plan? Reckon you'll ever get married?

3. Thou shalt not over-compliment

'That's such a nice top' sounds lovely. 'I love your arms. Oh gosh, your hair's incredible. And seriously.. has anyone ever mistaken you for a model?!' sounds creepy.

4. Or talk about yourself all the time

Whether it's gloating about your job or neurotically asking if you look okay, avoid the monologues. The more questions you ask your date about their interests, the more they'll fancy you. Promise. 

5. Thou shalt not be rude to waiting staff

No-one likes a stingy tipper. And everyone hates that customer who's constantly clicking at waiters, complaining about petty things and generally sneering. 

6. Or have bad table manners

Just yuck.

7. Or suggest Nando's or Pizza Express for a first date

We love a good lemon & herb half-chicken, but unless you're in Year 11 and heading for dinner with your prom date we highly recommend opting for a 'quirky little place that's had amazing reviews' instead. It'll make you look cooler and also less stingy. Also: never use a voucher. 

8. Thou shalt not leave Tinder notifications on

Or at least keep your phone in your bag. A constant stream of 'Congratulations! You just found a match!' can be quite off-putting for a dinner companion. Same goes for constantly texting and/or taking calls that aren't urgent.

9. Thou shalt not arrive mega late or early

More than 15 minutes early screams 'this date is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me'. More than 15 minutes late and you've scored an own goal - nobody likes standing alone in the cold for half an hour. 

10. And most of all.. thou shalt not hit on anyone else

Yep, even if the waiter's really hunky.

Agree with our rules or have you got some of your own? Let us know on Twitter... 



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