10 Holiday Instagram Cliches And Why We're SO Over Them

17 July 2013 by

That's it, we're officially stepping in. Holiday Instagramming has gone TOO FAR. Maybe we're just a bit down in the dumps because we're not off to Spain this summer or maybe the fact that it's 30 degrees outside and we're inside staring wistfully out of the window. Either way we're wading in to have a word with our pals who've been posting beach pictures left right and centre. Here's the top 10 things we're seeing on Instagram that have got us ready to drop our phone in the jug of Pimms we're using to drown our sorrow.

1. Legs On A Beach

Everyone looks better from that angle - FACT.

2. Carefully Posed Ice Cream

The defining shot of summer 2013. We're at a loss for why.

3. Plane Wings

Because no matter where you're headed, there's no way we're ever going to be jealous of you sitting in a tin can, 30,000 feet above the earth with limited leg room and a small child screaming over the sound of a terrible movie being streamed through an uncomfortable pair of headphones.

4. Exotic Cocktails

Alright you might be sipping yours in a tikki hut overlooking a clear blue sea, but as soon as 6 o' clock hits we're making our way to the nearest Weatherspoons, ordering a jug of Woo Woo and sticking our own pineapples in it. Plus, we get to stare at the local drunks while we guzzle ours, how's that for a view?

5. Holiday Weather Reports

Not sure if you guys currently sunning yourself on the Costa Del Sol have noticed but we've actually got our own little heatwave going on here in the UK, so our weather report looks like that too. Only hotter.

6. What You're Packing

You never dress up that nice for us :(

7. Holiday Countdowns

Because for us, it's just 8 days until Thursday. And we're not mad on Thursdays.

8. Sunsets On The Beach

We have sunsets too here y'know. There's normally just things like buildings in the way.

9. Hair Flicky Water Shots

Less like this, more like this.

10. Perspective Shots

Another big trend of 2013. We wish you were that small. We'd put you in a box.


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