Emma Stone Voted Ultimate Celebrity Girlfriend By Askmen.com Readers, But Which Male Star Would We Most Like To Date?

19 July 2013 by

Turns out our crush on cute-as-a-button Emma Stone isn't just a girl thing, guys are hankering after the lovely lady too. In a recent poll by Askmen.com, Emma was voted the most popular choice for a celebrity girlfriend, beating Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. Therefore, we thought it was high time we held our own unofficial poll. So we asked ourselves which male celebs we wouldn't mind having on our arm as we went home to meet the parents and made the following list. Don't agree? Let us know which celebs you think are boyfriend material in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: This is controversially a Gosling-free list. Apologies in advance.

Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone's real-life boyfriend has somehow morphed from geeky Brit-boy to bonafide Hollywood babe - without us even noticing. Plus, how great are these pics of him and Emma using the paparazzi for good?

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Tom Hardy

Erm right, so this video of Tom Hardy rapping with his baby son strapped to his chest is not for the faint-hearted. Go ahead and watch it, but sit down first. We won't be held responsible for weakening-of-the-knee related injuries.

Jon Hamm

He's got the whole dark and brooding thing going on in Mad Men but in real life he's a super-funny guy, (yep that's him shimmying with Betty White down there). He's clearly obsessed with his longtime partner Jennifer Wesfeldt too, having been quoted as saying, "Jen is the love of my life." Plus there's also THIS, which always helps things along...

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Idris Elba

Oof, be still our beating hearts. Whether he's playing the dark and mysterious Luther, or the dangerous Stringer Bell in The Wire, Idris has definitely got our undivided attention. Today's trailer release for Mandela: The Long Walk Home doesn't hurt either.

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Rob Lowe

Is he getting better looking with age? Almost certaintly. And funnier too. Between Parks and Recreation and his turn as the frozen-faced plastic surgeon in Behind The Candelabra, we're hooked.

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Nick From New Girl

Aimless, nihilistic, a bit squidgy round the middle and verging on functioning alcoholism, Nick is exactly the sort of guy we always imagined we'd never end up with, but somehow did. And we're perfectly happy thank you.

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Prince Harry

Dating Harry would give you the perks of being a royal with none of the pressure K-Middy must feel on a daily basis. A weekend trip to Vegas is clearly off the cards but bopping around Glastonbury's Shangri-La until the wee hours is apparently still permitted. Just make sure you're not hungover for afternoon tea with the Queen.

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Channing Tatum

I mean sure there's the whole Magic Mike thing. But then we saw 21 Jump Street and realised that Channing is hilarious too. Then there's this modellling shot from P Diddy's 2003 fashion collection....

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Niall Horan

Less assuming than Harry Styles, with a cheeky smile to boot. Mark our word tweens, in 20 years time when the other 4 of One Direction have filled out and gone all saggy, adorable Niall will have grown into his looks and still be as spritely as a mountain goat.

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