#PlayTime: Slow Club's Rebecca Picks The Soundtrack To Our Day

20 June 2014 by

In a bit of a work slump right now? Welcome to #PlayTime, Grazia Daily's new music feature bringing you a different hot track every day of the week. From just-dropped music premieres to cool covers and throwback classics, its the new soundtrack to your afternoon.

You need to watch Slow Club's new video 'Suffering You, Suffering Me'. The boxing inspired clip's been our obsession since it was released last week.

With the band releasing their new album 'Complete Surrender' next month and hitting the stage at Wilderness Festival in August, we asked Rebecca from the duo to picks the soundtrack to her life and the result is at some points retro, at some points beautiful and at many points hilarious. Find out more... 

1. Song you always dance to..

I love dancing even more than I love telly and cuddling. I will dance to anything but at the moment my favourite song to dance to is ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ by Elton John.

2. Song you get ready to..

The Jhene Aiko ep ‘Sail Out’ to give you that ‘you’re lucky if you even get to catch a sniff of my perfume, mate’ type of confidence.

3. Song that you work out to...

I run to ‘Sticks'n'Stones’ by Jamie T because it's the perfect pace and I love it and you can do 5k if you run to it about 7 times.

4. Festival anthem..

I’m not very good at going to festivals, I haven’t experienced an anthem at one since i was about 15 and sat on my friend John Evans’
shoulders in denim hot pants whilst watching Coldplay and holding my hands up to the green lasers during ‘Clocks’.

5. Song you hate..

I think all music has its place. Every artist is entitled to make whatever it is they feel they want to create and nobody should criticise or disrespect that. That being said though I f*cking hate David Guetta.

6. First song you fell in love with..

Way too hard to remember exactly which was first but I remember hearing ‘These Days’ sung by Nico and feeling like everything fell into place and nothing was scary anymore because we are all in the same boat feeling this sh*t.

7. Song that always makes you happy..

'Run to your Grave' by The Mae Shi. This song will forever encapsulate a time that I really loved being in a band and being around the people I was with. The lyrics and melody are so powerful and important. NO PARENTS!

8. Song you fall asleep to..

Currently 'Living Room’ by Grouper is my fave.

 9. Song you put on to impress people..

I feel a little bit past trying to impress people, it is ultimately futile when you are this much of an idiot. But if people are over at mine and they haven’t heard ‘This is the Day’ by The The, I usually make them listen to it because I think it changes your life.

10. Song that defines you..

'Firework’ by Katy Perry. Because I feel like a plastic bag but ultimately I know that I am a firework.

Tickets are still available for Wilderness Festival, which runs from August 7-10


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