#PlayTime: Hear Anushka's New Track 'Broken Circuit' And Their Ultimate Sunny Day Playlist

16 April 2014 by

In a bit of a work slump right now? Welcome to #PlayTime, Grazia Daily's new music feature bringing you a different hot track every day of the week. From just-dropped music premieres to cool covers and throwback classics, its the new soundtrack to your afternoon.

We're super excited to premiere a new track 'Broken Circuit' from Anushka today. It's potentially the most summery song we've heard so far this year. With a catchy hook, garage vibes and sugary vocals - we've had it on repeat all morning and we guarantee you're going to be singing it to yourself all Easter weekend too.

Since duo Max and Victoria clearly know their sunny day music, we asked them to pick their ultimate Easter weekend playlist - and we're sure you'll agree it's a good'un. Fingers crossed for good weather because we want to be barbecuing to these tunes on Friday.

1. Wyclef ft. Buju Banton & T-Vice - 'Party By The Sea'

'How can you hear high life guitar and not feel the summer vibe! This track really reminds me (Victoria) of summers in the Caribbean. The local sound system was always set up on Friday and Saturday nights opposite my Grandma's shop. People speaking patois, stacks of speakers, soca and rum. Summer is about having fun and this song embodies that 'not a care in the world' carnival energy. Booty shaking music!'

2. Blackstar (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) - 'Definition'

'Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwddd have mercy! Let's be honest, we all wanted to be rolling around in that van with the mighty Mos and Talib Kweli. I dare you to go to any hip hop party in the summer and not hear everyone screaming  "one two three, it's very dangerous to be an MC!"'

3. Bill Withers - 'Harlem'

'Instantly puts you on a sticky corner in '70s Harlem. The chords progress up and up and it feels like the temperature's rising. So when he's singing "It's too hot to sleep" I believe him. Basically: 'Summer in the City' with a string section.'

4. Leon Vynehall - 'Goodthing'

'My jam ATM (Max). Instantly puts me in a good mood. Any DJ playing this this summer will be down with me. He's really nailing that house sound that not everybody can. Play it on a boat.'

5. Zed Bias - 'Neighbourhood' (Roska Remix)

'What's not to like? Instant summer party that's been getting rinsed for ages and will continue to get rinsed for ages. Bangs on a system too. I feel goooot goooot gooot!'



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