#Playtime: Disturbing London's All About She Lead Vocalist Vanya Talks Performing On The Same Stage As Beyonce And More

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Disturing London signees All About She consists of producers John and James and, as the name may suggest, lead vocalist Vanya Taylor whose impressive vocals have featured on label mate Tinie Tempahs' 'Unstoppable' and on the official remix for Jessie J's 'It's My Party'. Together, the trio have enjoyed top twenty success with their first ever release, the ridiculously feel good track 'Higher', following suite with the amazing ‘Go Slow’ EP, just in time to blast it through those rolled down windows come summertime sunshine.

With an abundance of festivals in the next few months, we caught up with All About She’s lead vocalist Vanya Taylor to talk (trying to) overcome shyness, performing on the same stage as Beyonce and if there’s ever such a thing as a comfortable pair of heels.

Tell us a bit about you for those who don’t know...

I started performing when I was about 13 or 14, strangely because I was really, really, really shy like… incredibly shy growing up.  My cousin started to sing and my sister was a really good singer so we started to sing as a group. Eventually I met with the guys as a solo artist and they did some producing for me. I really liked it and I just liked the vibe with them. The music we were making was so interesting and so fresh that we just decided to join up.

James and John do all the producing for All About She. How does the process work with the three of you in studio?

Most of the time we just kind of go into the studio together and it’s just like a big jamming session; they’ll start doing something then I’ll start singing something along with it and it kind of happens organically from there.

Other than DJ sets, you mentioned that you’ve never fully performed as All About She yet. That’s amazing that you’ve managed to create such a buzz without live performances…

I think it’s just ‘Higher’ was such a big track, it charted at number 20 and people were really loving it. Since we’ve released the EP a lot of people have been really supporting it and listening to our tracks on SoundCloud and things like that, too.

 What do you think it is about 'Higher' that people liked so much?

It’s a really feel good track, it’s easy to sing along to, it’s easy to remember and it’s one of those songs that as soon as you hear it come in you just want to grab your friends and sing along.  People are just searching for that feel good feeling and if a song can deliver that I think people are happy, really.

With ‘Higher’ having done so well did you feel pressure for the follow up?

Obviously there is a bit of pressure because you get the first one out then people are like ‘okay what’s next?’ but we’ve got so many other songs and it’s just about deciding which one’s right for the next one.

What we really wanted to do was put something out there that a was a little different, just to give people a taste of everything that we like to do and everything that we’re into and just give it out for free. We weren’t like ‘oh wow we hit number 20 so we’re going to hit the big time’; we just love making music and were like ‘if everyone enjoys it why not just put it out there?’

You’re signed to Disturbing London, what’s that like? 

Being part of Disturbing London is amazing because the whole team is very much on it, very hard working and there’s a focus there. Everybody knows what they want and everybody’s end goal is the same and that’s for everything to be successful and to be exciting and fresh. It’s not just about churning out loads of stuff that’s exactly the same and just hoping it works, it’s about trying different things and trying to really make a name for yourself and set a place in the music industry where you can lead the way.

You said you used to be super shy, how did you get over that to now be on stage in front of all these people?

I don’t know when that happened… my mum used to make clothes and she used to have a clothing line called Unity Fashion, I really thought I was Beyoncé back in the day and my mum was Tina Knowles *laughs*. She did a fashion show when I was really young and everyone was part of it, my cousins, my sisters, my brother… there was a video and you can see the curtains twitching and that was me because I would not come out, I was that shy. I’ve always been scared of being on stage but there’s some kind of adrenaline that just gets there and then I do it. Once you’re out there it’s so great.

Tell us a bit more about your mums fashion line. What kind of impact do you think that’s had on your dress sense?

She’s kind of out there. She used to make clothes and I remember on non-uniform days at school I would wear something my mum made and my friends would be like ‘omg where did you get that!?’ She doesn’t make clothes anymore unfortunately but I think I’ve always wanted to be a little bit different. I love fashion and stuff that’s on trend but I definitely like to put my own spin on it and I think that definitely comes from my mum’s individual style and her clothes making.

What would you say your style’s like on a day to day?

I’m quite a tomboy at heart I always have been since I was a little girl; If I’m going to the studio I like to be quite comfortable and I usually wear trainers but I try and make it a little girly nowadays. If I’m going out at night I have to wear heels and they have to be high.


Are you one of those girls who are comfortable in heels?

I don’t think there’s any girl that’s comfortable in heels. No matter what they say to you is a lie. You can wear a pair of heels and you’re like ‘actually these don’t hurt as much as the others...’ but I don’t think they’re ever comfortable. But they’re not made for that, they’re supposed to look beautiful and make you look sexy and stand up straight!

You just performed at Park Life a couple of weeks back. Which other festivals have you got coming up this summer?

We’ve got load of festivals that we’re all really excited about. We’re doing T in the Park, Global Gathering, Cream Fields… there are so many more. We’re just really looking forward to getting out there and meeting people. We haven’t really met the people that have been listening to the tracks so it’s great to finally get out there and meet people and to perform the songs.

What’s been your favourite festival to go to?

Glastonbury festival was insane. I went there in 2012 for a performance with Tinie Tempah. I performed ‘Unstoppable’ which I wrote for his first album… I’m sure there was at least 70,000 people, maybe more. It was amazing! I think I even performed the best I’ve ever performed vocally because the vibe of it was just so uplifting and so inspiring, just being there and knowing that four hours later Beyoncé was going to be on that same stage... I was like what the hell is this, am I in a dream!? Even back stage the presence of everyone being there and just chilling; Chris Martin was there with Jay Z, Gwyneth Paltrow was there and everyone was just hanging out, it wasn’t like ‘oh look I’m a celebrity’, everyone was just there for good music and to enjoy themselves.

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