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‘Man Of Steel’ Is Out On Friday! But Who Was The Best Superman?

Man Of Steel hits the screens today (14 June) and sees Henry Cavill stepping into the big red pants as the superhero, but how will he fare next to those who wore the cape before him?

Kirk Alyn

Kirk Alyn’s Superman came from a more innocent time (i.e. the 40s). A time when a nasty Chinese Burn would be enough to overpower a baddie. Whilst Kirk's MOS (Man Of Steel) might not be very successful in the modern age of CGI- assisted villainy, he the first Superman so respect is due.

Superman factor: 6

George Reeves

George’s Superman was distinctly Presidential in his tone as he addressed us mere mortals in the long running Adventures Of Superman series in the 50s. The show, which was the first to be broadcast in colour in the US, was massive and George became the archetype for the Man Of Steel. Sadly his real life suicide sparked many of those "curse of Superman" conspiracy theories.

Superman factor: 8

(The Voice Of) Bud Collyer

The cartoon series The New Adventures Of Superman debuted on US TV in 1966 (and was originally voiced by Bud Collyer). The theme song sounded a bit like a Tom Jones track (it wasn’t) and the series saw a Man Of Steel whose lip movements didn’t always correspond to the sounds coming out of his actual mouth. The enemies he encountered along the way included a crazy possessed tree, the crazy Prince Gregory Of Burgonia (not a real Prince, babes) and a crazy possessed wizard.

Superman factor: 8

Christopher Reeve

As classic as his near name sake George Reeves, Christopher’s Superman was a Man Of Steel for the era (he took the title role for four flicks between 1978 and 1987). He famously lifted up cars, took the franchise into 3-D, returned the top of the house to The White House and did shots (not in a cool way though...Ok, it was a little bit cool).

Superman factor: 7

Dean Cain

Hi babes! It’s the caring and sharing 90s. In Lois & Clarke: The New Adventures Of Superman all you needed to know about Superman was that the ‘New’ referred to Superman’s ‘New Man’ skills. The female friendly show focused on the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane and Dean's character was moulded to fit that. Basically all you need to know is that Dean's Superman never left the loo seat up.

Superman factor: 6

Tom Welling

In Smallville Tom Welling’s Superman was more Himbo than Hero – as some wag pointed out, it was difficult for the actor to walk and breath at the same time…over seven seasons. Still, for a generation who drew up on Dawson’s Creek, Smallville was pretty comforting (and standard) teen fare.

Superman factor: 6


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