Four More Years: The Agony And Ecstasy On The Night Of The US Election 2012

07 November 2012

As Barack Obama celebrates his re-election, Sophy Ridge bloggs exclusively for Grazia Daily from Colorado, one of the swing states that decided the win...

Four More Years: The Agony And Ecstasy On The Night Of The US Election 2012

What a night. In the end it wasn't even close: Mitt Romney may have picked up a fair chunk of the national vote but Barack Obama won the States that mattered.

We rigged up at lunchtime yesterday in a trendy Denver bar called the Highland Tap, ready for a mammoth 12 hour stint of broadcasting. It soon started filling up with a young, pro-Obama clientele, all worried their State was about to reject the President. The atmosphere in the bar is tense, people are quietly sipping their beers and eating burgers with their eyes glued to the screen. 

As soon as the polls closed, we could discuss the exit poll. In Colorado both candidates were tied on 48, and it was a similar picture across those vital swing states. The Obama supporters looked nervous. But as we drew later into the night, swing state after swing state started turning blue. Mitt Romney might have won Republican strongholds like Texas and Utah, but Barack Obama was winning where it mattered.

The bar grew noisier - people started whooping and hugging each other as the results came in. And then... It became clear there was no way back for Mitt Romney. Barack Obama posted a picture on his Twitter feed with a picture of him hugging wife Michelle, captioned "four more years."

Four More Years: The Agony And Ecstasy On The Night Of The US Election 2012

The bar went wild - which made for some great live television coverage. I had to shout to make myself heard over the chants of "four more years!" All that was left was for Mitt Romney to concede gracefully and Barack Obama to make his typically uplifting victory speech.

AJ - dressed in the rather obscure sounding "Boilermakers for Obama" T-shirt - was confident Barack Obama would win all along. "I always knew our country would do the right thing", he told me, although I have a suspicion his confidence may be more down to the six pints of beer I've seen him drink... Coloradans definitely know how to celebrate!

Others, though, are more relieved than anything. Jessie can hardly contain herself as she tells me: "I was SO nervous. Mitt Romney would have been such a backwards step for women's rights, on abortion and stuff like that, i'm just relieved. "I was really worried America would vote him in."

It's been an exhilarating ride for me covering the race, and now the United States has chosen its President. Four more years!

Sophy Ridge is Sky News Political Correspondent; to see how Beyonce, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga celebrated Obama's win, click here.


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