Mitt Romney Does Gangnam Style vs Barack Obama's Call Me Maybe: What's Your Favourite US Election Video?

06 November 2012 by

Don’t fancy staying up all night to watch the US election? Just watch these!

Oh, to be a Yank! As election fever hits Stateside today gone are the endless debates about the economy – and in their place a host of viral spoofs. Celebrities including Lena Dunham, Jay-Z, John Hamm have come out in support for incumbent President Barack Obama – with Chris Rock, even trying to persuade those undecided voters who might be put off by the colour of his skin that he’s America’s “whitest” President. Evidence: he’s paler than Snooki.  

But we’re most impressed by those ordinary American folk who’ve spent the hours making the serious issue of who’ll be “leader of the free world” (doncha just love the sound of that title!) fun.

There’s Republican candidate Mitt Romney doing Gangham Style dancing whilst popping champagne corks. And whilst we’d hazard a guess it’s a touch libelous (and we’d never like to sway our American audience to vote one way or the other), we can’t not endorse Mitt look-a-like doing that dance with those ladies on the polo field…

Meanwhile Obama’s also been set to music – quite literally, as words from the last four years of his speeches have been set to Carly Rae Jepson’s modern classic Call Me Maybe. Props to that. And to the President having once used the words “Ripped jeans, skin was showin’”…

What else can we offer you? Well, how about this. What politicians wish they could say.  

And with that we bid you adieu. We’re off to drink cocktails. Red, white AND blue…


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