Sophy Ridge Reports From The US Election Campaign Trail: EXCLUSIVE

06 November 2012

The Countdown is on for the US presidential election - and it looks too close to call. Sophy Ridge is blogging for Grazia Daily from Colorado, one the swing states that could decide the election...

US election Sophy Ridge

"I'll be voting for Barack Obama, but it's a forced vote," one young Hispanic voter told me. "I don 't like him ... But I like Mitt Romney less."

I've been in the crucial swing state of Colorado for the past few days as America heads to the polls in tomorrow’s knife-edge election

This is the home of the Rocky Mountains - the state has its fair share of ranches, Wild West themed coffee houses and trailer parks. Gun shows are big business here, and earlier this year Colorado made headlines for the tragic shooting at a cinema where the Batman movie was showing. Barack Obama won big here in 2008 - helped along by young people, Hispanics and women voters in trendy cities like Denver and Boulder. This year, though, it's going to be tougher.
I met Barack Obama when he visited No 10 and there’s no doubt that he has a rock star quality to him. Even hardened journalists were pulling out their iPhones to try and take his picture.

When I spoke to Mitt Romney, before the Olympics, he seemed stiffer and less charismatic. But, just when everyone was writing him off, he has made a comeback.

In Colorado, where the polls show both candidates are on 48%, I'm beginning to understand why.

Some young people and Hispanics who voted for Barack Obama last time are telling me they feel let down and the Hope and Change message hasn't materialised. They won't vote for Mitt Romney, but they might not vote at all.

Meanwhile others feel like the country needs a chance. One mum of three told me: "Barack Obama gets the cool vote, he gets the MTV vote. Mitt Romney may not be cool, but he's steady and I trust him on the economy."

So ultimately tomorrow's result will come down to turn out. Will it be the trendy students from the University of Colorado or the Rocky Mountain Republicans who will take this state? It’s a pattern that’s being reflected across the country in an election that is too close to call.
Sophy Ridge is Sky News Political Correspondent


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